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Презентация к уроку английского языка "SWITZERLAND"
18.05.2018 283 76 Воропаева Татьяна Григорьевна

Switzerland, located in Central Europe, is a country of countless lakes, villages and high Alps. The country is famous for its ski resorts and hiking routes. Banking and financial institutions play a leading role in the country's economy, and Swiss watches and chocolate are known all over the world.
Switzerland Attractions
Basilica of Notre Dame This is the main temple, located in Geneva. The main basilica was built in the middle of the 19th century, it is sustained in the Gothic style. The basilica boasts a rich decoration, it is decorated with a large number of bas-reliefs and stained glass. The basilica itself is made of sandstone.

Bern Cathedral This unforgettable beauty cathedral is located in the city of Bern, the cathedral is a magnificent example of late Gothic, it is considered the largest temple located in Switzerland, its spire rushes to the sky at a height of 100 meters.
The Kapellbrücke Bridge The bridge is a visiting card of the city of Lucerne and one of the most important sights of Switzerland. The bridge is the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, surviving to this day, its length is 200 meters.

Saint Paul's Cathedral This is the main religious landmark of Geneva. The cathedral was built in the beginning of the 13th century. The architectural ensemble of the cathedral is difficult to meet in any other buildings, it is unique. Despite the variety of styles in the construction of the ensemble, it looks very harmonious.

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