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презентация на тему урока "How green you are?"
12.02.2018 288 66 Щимеева Роза Гашировна

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Домашнее задание
What is the weather like in Moscow?
What is the weather like in Taraz?(Almaty, Shimkent, Astana, Aktau, Aktobe, )
Match the words
A museum театр
A theatry больница
A hospital музей
A bank банк
A café площадь
A square кафе

Today we will talk about two capital cities - Astana and London. Astana is the capital of our Kazakhstan. London is the capital of Great Britain.

At the first I want you learn new words:
a clock – часы
a tower - башня
a capital – столица
a bridge - мост
to visit - посещать
to take pictures - фотографироваться
high - высокий

This is Baiterek. It is in Astana.
This is Khan Shatyr.
This is The Astana Aquarium
This is Big Ben. It is in London.
This is the London Bridge.
This is the London Eye
This is the Buckingham Place.
Make a circle big, big, big

Ex.1 p 46 Listen and read
Track 32
Ex.2 p. 47
Thin questions Thick questions
1.What is the capital of Kazakhstan?
2.What is the capital of Great Britain?
3. Is Astana a big city?
4. Is the Bayterek in London?
5. Is the Ishym River in London? 1. Are there any aquarium in Astana?
2. Is there an aquarium in Astana?
3. Are there any museums in Astana?
4. Is there Big Ben in Astana?
5. Are there any towers in Astana?
6 Is there a river in London?
7Is there the Khan Shatyr in London?

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Circle the correct answer
1. London is the capital of________
a. Kazakhstan b) Great Britain
2. The Bayterek is in___________
a. Astana b) London
3. Big Ben is a very big _________
a. palace b) clock
4. The Thames river is in_________
a. Astana b) London
5. London is a very ________ city
a. small b) big
6. The Khan Shatyr is in________.
a. Astana b) London
Keys:1) b 2) a 3) b 4) b 5) b 6) a
T: So, very good children. You showed the best knowledge in English. What have we talked about today? Yes, we have talked about London and Astana. Well, I want to ask some questions.
- What is this?
- Where is it situated?

Now we will count our smileys and getting marks.
5 smileys – 5
4 smileys – 4
3 smileys – 3

And now open your mark books and write down your home task.
• Your homework is exercise 3. p.41,Workbook
• Our lesson is over. Good-bye, children
• Good bye, teacher.
• Song good bye

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