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Открытый урок в 11 классе
09.02.2018 614 115 Искакова Алия Аменовна

Open lesson . Form: 11”Б” Theme: Lab Report. Target language: Grammar conditionals, phrasal verbs with off, out, speaking about hopes. The aim of the lesson: to review and practice first, second conditionals, to develop the skills of thinking, writing, speaking, listening and translating. The objectives: 1. To be able to explain conditionals and use in speaking and writing. 2. To enrich grammar skills through the exercises, songs, text, proverbs, speaking and develop the skills of listening and perceiving. 3. To work in groups, pairs, to respect each other. Урок закрепления и систематизации знаний. Equipment of the lesson: texts, cards, interactive board, tape. The steps of the lesson. Good morning dear students and teachers. I delighted to see you and pay attention to target language and the aim of the lesson. 1.What associations do you have for today? 2.The title of our unit is Lab Report. What do you think about? Let’s play.Divide into 2 groups. 3. On the blackboard are written the words science ….. and technology. a)one representative from the first group writes science, the second representative writes about technology. I give you one minute. What does the science mean? Science refers to the study of the physical world, which includes humans and animals and its behavior. Examples: medicine, human biology, physics. What does technology mean? Technology refers to machines and equipment which have been developed using scientific knowledge. Examples: computers, DVD players satellites, telephones. Your homework was to review conditionals. 4. What do you know about conditionals? The first group – first conditionals. The second group- second conditionals. Write the form and situations. Do exercises in the textbook and explain. Ex2; 3. 5.Now: scan the text, find conditional sentences and explain. 6. Filling the gaps. Listen to the songs, fill the missing gaps. 7. The next task is to revise the phrasal verbs; Off Out a. stop liking something or somebody a. not have any left b. remove an item b. faint , lose consciousness c. delay something c. argue d. cancel a planned event d. not include , remove e. escape, often after a crime e. leave a course before the end f. stop a machine f. extinguish , stop something burning 8. Составить 4 условных предложения, используя фразовые глаголыoff,out. 9. Exercise on confusable words. Filling the gaps. Nervous, upset, have, pass 1. Daisy will be really___ if we cancel the trip 2. I get a bit ___ when I have to speak in public. 3. If we can’t play out because of the rain, let’s play cards ______ the time 4. When we have our holiday, we like ____ our holidays in hot countries. 10. Insert the prepositions: 1. Some traditions, like eating lamb at Easter, go quite a long way ___ (back) 2. I’d like to welcome you here ___ (on) this very special occasion. 3. ___ (at) the end of the recipe, the chef says that it should be served cold. 4. I wrote the number of the restaurant ___ (on) a bit of paper. 5. How much do you know ___ (about) the history of country’s food. 6. I’ve always been interested ___ (in) food from different countries. 7. We often eat special food ___ (at) traditional celebrations. 8. They often object ___ (to) what she does. 9. Please judge ___ (by) actions. 10. I am afraid I don’t know much ___ (about) the Second World War. 11. I was surprised when the hero got killed right ___ (at) the end of the film. 11. Think, write, speаk. The first group: If I won one мillion euro. The second group: if I have a chance. 12. Listen, imitate and speak. 13.Read the proverbs and give the Russian equivalents and explain. 14.Let’s sing a song. 15. Hometask will be p.81 vocabulary builder

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