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The articles a/an/the.
23.11.2017 356 96 Нарбек Мадина Багланкызы

Stage Instruction/ Procedure Time Material Notes
Engage Greetings 5 min Greet each other.
Engage In this case teacher shows to pupils a video about the articles a and an/the 4 min Presentation
Slide 1
Slide 2
Site 1 Pupils should to listen carefully
Study Teacher should to:
2. Do a few sample sentences on the overhead for guided practice.
3. Explain and model the game students will play
4. Review behavior expectations for game play
5. Distribute game.
6. Collect game and distribute an independent activity to assess knowledge 10 min Handout #1 Students take turns picking up a card. The student reads the card to the group and decides whether it is appropriate to use a or an in the sentence. He then turns the card over and looks at the answer. If he is right, he can move the number of spaces listed on the cards. They should to Write the answer and the number of spaces they get to move on the back of the card

Study Students do the task 8 min Pg 11, ex 5

Study In this game teacher use internet resources. This game like a Russian “Pole chudes’’. Each group receive 100 points for every correct answer 10-12 min Site 2 Pupils should work in 4 groups. They should to answer the question.
Activate In this case teacher ask the pupils the rules of the new theme for consolidation and give pupils home task and explain them what they should to do. 3-5 min Handout #2 Pupils answer the question, then they take the exercises.

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