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Конспект к уроку английского языка "I want an apple" 2 класс
03.09.2015 3056 714 Куандык Сандыгуль

Aims:  To learn  to  express  wishes in  polite  form.

            To  enrich  pupil’s  knowledge  about  food, to introduce  the  new words.

           To develop  pupil’s  speaking  and reading, enlarge  pupil’s  interest in learning  foreign language.

Method of the lesson:   answer the question,  individual work, game.

 Type : introduction  of new materials.

Visual aids:  Active board,  flesh cards, chat .

The plan  of the  lesson:

I.                    Organization moment

II.                 Checking  homework.

III.               Presentation the  new  lesson


Procedure  of the lesson:

I.                    Organization moment .

T:  Good  morning, pupils. I’m  very  glad to see you.

P:  Good morning , teacher

T: Who is on  dute  today?

P:  I am…

T: What is the date today?

P:  Today is…..

II.                 Checking homework.   P 59 ex 5 Which  sound is different. Circle.

1)      Pen      egg         me

2)      She     h   lemon


III.               Presentation

Vocabulary and pronunciation .

1.      Soup- сорпа/ суп

2.      Salad- салад

3.      Juice- шырын/ сок

4.      Lemonade- линомад

5.      Pizza-  пицца

6.      A sandwich- сандвич



Articles                          a-       a banana

                                        An-      an apple


Some - some juice, some salad




Work with grammar.  P 60 ex 2 Put the words  into the right column.

Milk,  tea,  yogurt, soup, sandwich,  lemonade, butter, salad,  pizza,  banana, biscuit, kiwi, orange.

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