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Английский язык 5 класс. Тема: Animals in Britain
09.12.2014 3804 902 Cаттарова Гулдана Жандилдакызы

Aims: to introduce with new theme

Objectives:                    Educational: to speak about the animals, to enrich                                                          pupils knowledge, vocabulary

                                               Developing: to develop pupil’s listening, speaking,                                                 writing and reading activities;

                                               Upbringing: to develop the interest to English                                                                    language, to teach pupils to respect each other,  must be                                                    kind to animals and take care of them.

Materials of the lesson: blackboard, chalk, books, copybooks, interactive board, presentation

The type of the lesson: new lesson

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment

a) greeting

- Good morning, children!

- How are you?

- Who is on duty today?

- Who is absent today?

b) warm-up

I can    swim  like a  fish,
I can  run like a  rabbit,
I can  jump like a  little kangaroo.
I can  sing like a  bird,
I can  walk like a  cat.
I can  climb like a monkey in the zoo.
I can  do it,  he can do it,
She can do it,  too, too, too.
We can do it,  they can do it.
And what  about you?

They will do warm-up with the help of interactive board, which is called "Cute froggy dance”

II. Checking up the home work

So, lets check your home work

We will check home work in oral form, they will say one by one

III. Presentation of the material

            So, boys and girls the theme of our lesson is called "Animals in Britain”. Today we will say about animals, will do some exercises, will find crossword, introduce with new words

IV. Practice

Letʹs introduce with new vocabulary

Pet                              [pet]               үй жануары

Rabbit                        [ʹræbit]            қоян

Lion                            [ʹlaiən]           арыстан

Monkey                     [ʹm˄ŋki]      маймыл

Fox                            [fᴐks]           түлкі

Dog                            [dᴐg]           ит

Kangaroo                   [kæŋgəru:]   кенгуру

Horse                         [hɔ: s]             жылқы

Cow                           [kau]              сиыр

Sheep                         [ʃi:p]               қой

Hen                            [hen]               тауық

Goose                        [gu:s]               қаз

Camel                         [ʹkæməl]               түйе

Cat                             [kæt]                  мысық

Elephant                    [ʹelifənt]           піл

Tiger                          [ʹtaigə]             жолбарыс

Giraffe                       [dʒiʹra:f]           керік

Duck                          [d˄k]                үйрек

Bear                           [bɛə]                   аю

Wolf                           [wulf]                қасқыр

Frog                           [frᴐg]                  құрбақа

Hedgehog                   [ʹhedʒhᴐg]           кірпі


            There are two types of animals: wild and domestic. Please, divide these animals into two groups and write.

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