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Английский язык 6 класс. Theme: It’s an interesting place!
14.10.2014 5687 809 Дюсетаева Римма Беркалиевна

Aims. To develop abilities in using new Lexis
and information in speech.
To bring up their respect to learning language.
To improve their oral speech.
method of the lesson: question and answer
type of the lesson: new lesson
aids: paradigm, active studio
tie with other lessons: the Kazakh language
Stages of the lesson
I. Organization moment: A) Good morning! How are you? b) who is on duty/absent today?
c) What date/day is it today?
II. Presentation the theme and aims of the lesson.
Our theme in our lesson is "It’s an interesting place!”
III. New lesson warm-up
Put the words in the correct column
Lion hill spider theatre river hospital dog concert hall factory sea forest elephant mountain horse cottage wood
Animal Building Natural feature

Answer the questions about environment

1) In what country do you live?
2) Which season is it at the moment?
3) IS the weather hot and sunny today?

4) IS it windy today?
5) Do you live near any mountains?
6) Do you live near a river?
7) Is here any air pollution where you live?
IV. Practise Read the text. Check the meaning of new words in your dictionary.
древний город Word Building
сельское хозяйство fame n. слава
на востоке Англии famous adj. знаменитый
около ста тысяч flat n. квартира
население flat n. плоский
он знаменит потому что
тёплый летом и холодный зимой
особенно в центре города
Cambridge and its environment
Cambridge t'keimbnd3] is in the east of England. It is a small p population is about a hundred thousand. Cambridge is an ancient city. It is famous because it has a very good university. The main industries in Cambridge are tourism and agriculture. There are also a lot of English language schools. The land near Cambridge is flat. There are no hills or mountains. The climate is warm in summer and cold in winter. There is usually some air pollution, especially in the centre of the city.
Exercise 4. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)? Correct false sentences
Cambridge is in the south of England.
It’s an old city.
It’s famous for its university
Cambridge is an industrial city
It is near mountains
A lot of people visit Cambridge
The air in Cambridge is clean
V. production Exercise 4-7
Exercise 5. In groups write 5-6 sentences about your city.
For example the 1st group Almaty, the 2nd group about London, the 3rd group Astana. Then compare with other group
Presentation The Modal verb "should”
Should + неопределенная форма глагола без частицы to.
Should употребляется во всех лицах одинаково.
Should употребляется для выражения совета.
You should go to the doctor. Тебе следует сходить к врачу.
Обычно Should используется со словами
I think you should … I don’t think you should.
+ Pronoun should do more exercise.
- Pronoun should not (shouldn’t) do more exercise.
? should pronoun do more exercise?
Exercise 6. Answer in the correct order.
A.: When’s a good time to visit Madrid?
B.: you should go there in Spring.
A.: Where do you think I should stay?
B.: you should stay in a hotel?
A.: What places do you think I should stay?
B.: you should see the Zoo.
A.: _____ ….
B.: Anything else?
A.: and does Madrid have a good museums?
B.: ….
A.: And what about shopping?
B.: …
A.: Thanks, I’m sure I’ll have a good holiday?
VI. Ex.9 p.89 S1- a foreigner S2 – you
1) What clothes should/ shouldn’t I take?
2) What special places should I see?
3) What sort of things can I do?
4) What food do you recommend?
5) Where should I stay?
6) Is your city good for shopping?
VII. Home work page 90 – Good manners
Put A, B, or C in the boxes.
A = important B = old fashioned, but ok C = silly

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