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контрольная работа по английскому языку 10 класс
20.04.2017 1905 244 Максимова Светлана Николаевна

Control work № 2 10 form
1. Ann is … interesting personality.
a. a b. the c. an d. –

2. I have … cold.
a. a b. an c. - d. the

3. She has … flu.
a. an b. a c. the d. –

4. What is the person «health freak»?
a. фанат здоровья b. хранитель здоровья c. беречь здоровье d. спасатель от болезни

5. Translate the star sign «Овен».
a. Taurus b. Aries c. Gemini d. Libra

6. Translate the star sign «Sagittarius»
a. рак b. козерог c. Водолей d. Стрелец

7. Дополните предложение по смыслу
If you walk in the rain without an umbrella, you risk …. a cold.
a. Cooking b. locking c. catching d. making

8. The teacher asked the pupils to be quiet but they continued …. a lot of noise.
a. feeling b. watering c. writing d. making

9. Дополните предложение предлогом
We all kissed mother … going to bed.
a. Before b. for c. to d. on

10. I was used …. getting up early in the morning.
a. ever b. between c. to d. at

11. Определите значение
«Insomniac» - is …. .
a. A person who has difficulty with sleep b. an illness
c. a person who hasn’t problem with sleep d. cause of sleeping

12. Д ополните предложения в Present или Past Participle
Letters …. before 5 p.m. should arrive the next day.
a. Posted b. posting c. have posted d. will posted

13. The train … in platform 3 is for Astana.
a. stand b. standing c. is standed d. stand up

14. The woman …. newspapers is my neighbour.
a. sell b. sold c. selling d. has sell

15. Дополните предложение глаголом по смыслу в Present или Past Participle
Clothes … in the store cannot be exchanged.
a. Buying b. playing c. stealing d. bought

16. The police found the … car yesterday.
a. taking b. played c. stolen d. taken

17. Выберите «bad health habit»
a. To do sport b. eat fruit and vegetables c. breath with fresh air d. take drugs

18. Выберите «good health habit»
a. drink alcohol b. smoking c. skiing d. eat chocolate

19. Выберите исчисляемое существительное
a. money b. furniture c. dollar d. air

20. Выберите неисчисляемое существительное
a. brother b. parents c. eye d. biscuit

21. Дополните предложение в Gerund
I worry about … (get) a bad mark in the exam.
a. getting b. to get c. has get d. have get

22.Выберите «unusual food»
a. cake b. urchin c. bread d. sausage

23. Выберите существительное во множественном числе
a. woman b. cloud c. children d. tooth

24. Выберите существительное в единственном числе
a. men b. parents c. feet d. sun

25. Дополните предложение местоимением.
My father was invited by … old friend.
a. Him b. her c. his d. herself

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