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test ''How healthy are you?''
28.04.2016 1578 423 Койшибаева Гульраушан Бакеновна

How much do you know about looking after yourself? Try this quick quiz.
1. The main advantage of regular exercise is
a. it’s good for your complexion
b. it gives you a healthy appetite
c. it helps your heart stay younger
2. Regular exercise builds up your strength, develops your stamina and keeps you supple. Which of these qualities is the most important for protecting your heart?
a. strength
b. stamina
c. suppleness
3. Which is the best sign that the exercise you are doing is likely to build up stamina?
a. you are sweating
b. you are slightly out of breath
c. your muscles hurt
4. Here are three forms of exercise. Which is the best for developing stamina?
a. Swimming
b. yoga
c. weight-lifting
5. Which of the following does the average person not eat enough of?
a. proteins
b. vitamins
c. roughage
6. Which of the following does the average person eat too much?
a. fatty foods
b. frozen vegetables
c. breakfast cereals
7. Which of the following foods is the most fattening?
a. whole wheat bread
b. potatoes
c. salted peanuts
8. Apart from looking and feeling better, what is the main advantage of staying slim?
a. you can eat bigger meals
b. you can think faster
c. your heart stays younger for a long period of time

1с, 2b, 3b, 4a, 5c, 6a, 7c, 8c.

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