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Тесты по английскому языку 11 класс
11.09.2015 2867 513 Оразбекова Мейрамкуль Сундетбековна

Вопрос 1

... always go abroad during their summer holidays.

A) they;

B) he;

C) she;

D) us;

E) her.

Вопрос 2

Give ... the book, please.

A) I;

B) she;

C) we;

D) me;

E) their.

Вопрос 3

He is an old friend of ...   .

A) my;

B) your;

C) ours;

D) her;

E) their.

Вопрос 4

He washed and dressed ...   .

A) he;

B) herself;

C) himself;

D) ourself;

E) his.

Вопрос 5

... is that man?- Klimov Ivan Petrovich.

A) What;

B) Who;

C) Where;

D) How;

E) When.

Вопрос 6

... ... pupils are there in your class?

A) How many;

B) How much;

C) How old;

D) What;

E) Which.

Вопрос 7

... is that man?- He is a doctor.

A) Who;

B) What;

C) Which;

D) How;

E) When.

Вопрос 8

... friend  made some mistakes in his dictation.

A) My;

B) He;

C) Mine;

D) Them;

E) Yours.

Вопрос 9

Is ... absent today?

A) somebody;

B) anybody;

C) nobody;

D) anywhere;

E) some.

Вопрос 10

I can’t do it today. I have ... free time.

A) much;

B) many;

C) little;

D) few;

E) a lot of.

Вопрос 11

If you ever have ... problems, let me know.

A) any;

B) some;

C) no;

D) every;

E) something.

Вопрос 12

Did ... see this film yesterday?

A) somebody;

B) anybody;

C) nobody;

D) everybody;

E) anything.


Вопрос 13

How ... English words do you know?

A) many;

B) much;

C) little;

D) few;

E) more.

Вопрос 14

Don’t worry. We have ... time before the train comes in.

A) little;

B) few;

C) much;

D) many;

E) more.

Вопрос 15                        

These pencils are ... , take ... if you want.

A) my / it;

B) our / them;

C) mine / it;

D) her / them;

E) mine / them.

Вопрос 16

I have lost ... pen, may I take ... ?

A) mine / your;

B) your / your;

C) my / yours;

D) her / your;

E) yours / my.

Вопрос 17

... often meet here.

A) We;

B) He;

C) She;

D) Our;

E) Them.

Вопрос 18

She’ll go there with ... husband and ... daughter.

A) her / her;

B) hers / her;

C) her / hers;

D) my / mine;

E) mine / my.

Вопрос 19

My elder brother looks like ... mother .

A) hers;

B) my;

C) yours;

D) this;

E) her.

Вопрос 20

... of you knows his address?

A) Who;

B) Which;

C) What;

D) How;

E) How many.

Вопрос 21

We have very many relatives in ... native town.

A) my;

B) our;

C) ours;

D) theirs;

E) them.

Вопрос 22

They can do it ...   .

A) ourself;

B) myself;

C) themselves;

D) theirself;

E) theirs.

Вопрос 23

She took off ... coat and began to work.

A) she;

B) her;

C) hers;

D) herself;

E) mine.

Вопрос 24



I’ve got no pen to write with. I’ll ask Mary to give me ...   .

A) her;

B) hers;

C) herself;

D) mine;

E) my.

Вопрос 25

First of all we shall listen to ... suggestions, then we shall put forward ...

A) their / our;

B) theirs / our;

C) their / ours;

D) theirs / ours;

E) they / our.

Вопрос 26

There are more than ...  books in the


A) 2 million;

B) 2 millions;

C) 2nd million;

D) the 2 million;

E) 2th millions.

Вопрос 27

The first of June nineteen hundred

A) первое июня 1900;

В) первое июля 1900;

С) первое июня 9010;

D) первое июня 19100;

Е) первое июня 1990.

Вопрос 28

His birthday on ...  of  October.

A) the four;

B) four;

C) the fourth;

D) fourth;

E) the fours.

Вопрос 29

He moved there some years ago, in 1950.

A) ninety fifty;

B) nineteen fifty;

C) ninety fifteen;

D) nineteen fifteen;

E) ninty fifty.

Вопрос 30

This famous poet was born on ... of October.

A) the twenty three;

B) twenty threeth;

C) the twenty third;

D) twentieth third;

E) twenty third .

Вопрос 31

Are you a student?-Yes, ...   .

A) I’m;

B) I do;

C) I have;

D) I’m  not;

E) he is.

Вопрос 32

Does he spend his holidays by the sea?

A) Yes, I do;

B) No, he does;

C) Yes, he does;

D) Yes, I am;

E) No, I am not.

Вопрос 33

Have the workers done their work?-Yes, ...   .

A) I have;

B) they have not;

C) they do;

D) they have;

E) they are.

Вопрос 34

She is very pretty, ...   ?

A) is she;

B) does she;

C) isn’t she;

D) doesn’t  she;

E) has she.

Вопрос 35

He is rich and famous.-...  .

A) So do I;

B) So am I;

C) So I am;

D) Neither do I;

E) Neither I am.

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