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Animal World of Kazakhstan
06.05.2016 2253 510 Дузелбаева Гульжан Унайбаевна

Open Lesson
Theme: "Animal World of Kazakhstan"
Form: 8 A
Prepared by: Duzelbayeva G.

Theme: Animal World of Kazakhstan
Aims: develop the meaning and role of animal world a one of components of landscape;
developing: teach pupils humanity, love to animals, to think and to protect them from any harm, to help them to survive, consider types of animals, their connection with nature climate; develop oral speech, enrich their lexics; develop their wishes to raise their knowledge of foreign language, develop pupils' thinking habits.
practical: teach to read and learn new words, to use them in speech to work out the usage of simple Indefinite tense;
Connection with other subject: biology, geography
Method: question-answer, explanation
Type of the lesson: combined
Visual aids: diagrams, pictures, cards, crossword

Plan of the lesson:
I. Organization moment
II. Asking hometask
III. New theme
IV. Reading
V. Doing crossword
VI. Consolidation
VII. Giving hometask
VIII. The end of the lesson

Procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment
a) greeting: poem Good morning...
b) talking with a pupil on duty

II. Asking hometask: "Red book of Kazakhstan"

III. New theme: Animal world of Kazakhstan
a) talk about animals, question - answers: - Do you like animals?
-What animals do you know?
-What group of animals do you know?
-Where they live in the forest?
-Do they live in the forest?
-Do they live in deserts?
-Do they live in oceans?
-And have you got them at home?

b) So, can you guess the theme of the our lesson? Animal World of Kazakhstan
-write down please, today's date and the theme?
-Do the animals take any role in our life (nature, climate)?
-Must people take care of them?
-Must people hunt and kill them?
-Are they our friends? - Yes, all right.
Name them please and divide them into 2 groups: Domestic and Wild
(see attachment)
c) New vocabulary:
to feed-жем-шөп беру
d) (see attachment)

IV. Reading. Text "Horse"
(make a diagram in notebook)

V. Doing crossword
Find 10 words on the table

VI. Consolidation
a) speak about animals
b) "Horse" retell
c) each pupil describe one animal

VII. Hometask
make diagrams about favourite animals, speak about them - Protection
read the text - retell; find proverbs about animals

VII. The End

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