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School Canteen
06.05.2016 1547 412 Дузелбаева Гульжан Унайбаевна

School №32
An open Lesson:

School Canteen
Form: VII
Prepared by: Duzelbayeva G.
School Canteen
Visual Aids: the interactive board, pictures, diagrams
Methods: discussion, answering the questions
The plan of the lesson:
I. Organization moment.
II. Checking up home task.
III. Presentation of the new material.
IV. Presentation of the grammar material.
V. Practice.
VI. Conclusion.
VII. Marks
VIII. Home task.

Lesson produce:
I. Organization moment.
II. Checking up home task:
ex.17 a) fill in the diagram about eating in Kazakhstan, b) retell the text "Traditional foods".

(see attachment)
III. Presentation of the new material: The theme of the lesson: "School canteen"
-Do you have your classes in the morning or in the afternoon?
-Where do you have your lunch?
-Do you take your snack with you?
-Do you have a canteen at school?
Now, let's read the text "School canteen".
IV. Presentation of the grammar material.
Grammar reference: There is-жекеше түрде
There are-көпше түрде
Passive voice-Ырықсыз етіс
Ырықсыз етіс деп iстi кiмнің істегені көрсетілмей, не істегендгігі көрсетілген етістіктин түрін айтамыз.
A passive verb is a form of be+a passive participle, e.g. is bought, are cleaned, was worn, were written. We form negative and questions in the same way as in active sentences.
Milk isn't bought by me.
Where is the bread baked?
The room hasn't been cleaned yet.
We use be+a passive participle after will, going to, can, must.
The exercises will be done tomorrow.
The exercises are going to be done.
The exercises can be done orally.
The exercises must be done in time.

V. Practice ex. 3a), p.71.
What is there in the canteen?
(see attachment)
ex. 3b), p.71. Complete:
Some children don't eat ___________.
they choose ___________.
Ex. 4, p.72
Read the sentences and write in column B the correct tense.
(see attachment)
Ex. 5, p.72. Fill in the gaps.
-We believe that human life ___________ by this tablet.
-Further test ___________ soon.
-The tablet ___________ Biotab.
-But it ___________ by the public yet.
In future the tablet ___________ by everyone.
But of course it ___________ with almost care.
Words you need: will be called, should be taken, must be bought, will be held.
Ex.6, p.72. Match the sentences.
(see attachment)
VI. conclusion: - Now, let's conclude our lesson. Let's revise today's grammar theme.
VII. Marks.
VIII. Home task.

The lesson is over. You may be free.
Good bye!

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