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Презентация к уроку английского языка "On the locations of the filming of Harry Potter. Films in the UK."
18.05.2018 322 71 Воропаева Татьяна Григорьевна

On the locations of the filming of Harry Potter. Films in the UK.
Traveling by train "Hogwarts Express“.
We will use one of the vehicles that the students of the magic school used very often. It was the Hogwarts Express that followed the London-Hogsmeade route. To shoot the scenes with the Hogwarts Express, the most beautiful West Highland Line, the real train route and the very real London locomotive were used in the Harry Potter films. For the filming of Harry Potter films was given preference because of the extraordinary beauty of the local places and the famous viaduct with twenty-one arches in the Glenfinnan Viaduk valley.
It was on this bridge, built in the beginning of the 20th century, that the magic train to Hogwarts ran all the way, throwing out smoke clouds.
Hogsmeade Station.
Traveling to the Hogwarts Express, you can not fail to mention Hogsmeade.
The film is the nearest railway station to Hogwarts and a village in which only wizards live. And here the train brings the students to the station "Hogwarts Express." In this magical village, which houses the beer bar "Three Broomsticks", "Kabanya's Head", the confectionery "Sweet Kingdom", "Squealing Hut", often went to Harry Potter and his friends.
The location of the railway station in Hogsmeade took place in the picturesque village of Gotland with a population of only five hundred people in North Yorkshire at the local train station.
Oxford University.
Many scenes from the life of Hogwarts were filmed at this famous school. The famous Hogwarts Great Hall, in which the most solemn and important moments took place in the life of the school of wizards, was filmed in the dining hall of the oldest and most prestigious college of the Oxford University Christ Church.
Some scenes from the films were shot on the stairs and in the courtyard of this college.
Interest in this place is caused not only by the fact that on the territory of this college there were shooting films about Harry Potter, but also the uniqueness of the University of Oxford.
It’s territory with the most beautiful buildings of colleges, Gothic architecture, stained glass and medieval patterns on the inner walls, numerous museums and the unique Bodleian the library itself is worthy of attention.
On the territory of two huge shooting pavilions and on the open area you can see stunning scenery, for example, a huge model of the school of magic and magic of Hogwarts, visit the projected cabinet of Professor Dumbledore, the Harry Potter house and the Dursley house, the village of Hogsmeade with the shrieking hut and owl post. And also you can sit at the dining tables of all four faculties in the Great Hall, see Mr. Weasley's flying car, drawings and layouts for the movie, Spit alley with all the local shops, specially designed portraits of Hogwarts directors, Magic Hat, Gryffindor sword and other magical requisites , regale in the "Sweet Kingdom" various sweets and drink a creamy beer in the bar "Three brooms". Before the visitors many secrets will open: for example, how special effects were used in the filming, which made scenes from films so spectacular that we easily believed in the existence of this magical world. That's what you can see there.

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