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Consolidation of theme “Shopping”, Present Simple, have got/has got.
23.11.2017 323 47 Нарбек Мадина Багланкызы

№ Stage Instruction/ Procedure Time Material Notes
1 Engage Greetings.
Remember the rules of Present Simple and have got/has got. 10 min Greet each other.
The teacher asks about weather, day, mouth, day and season.
2 Study
(Home task) Students should show the dialog. 5 min. Teacher checks the home task.
3 Activate Students sit in a circle. The first person asks a Present Simple question like “Where do you live?” or “What kind of dessert do you like?” to the person on their left. That person answers the question, then asks that same question plus one more to the person on their left, with both questions being answered in turn. 5 min Ball
Handout 1 Teacher should listen and correct them if they make a mistake.
4 Engage Students watches the video about Have/has got 3 min. Video Teacher should ask students what about the video.
5 Activate The game is played using a game board and one of six sets of playing cards. In this game, there is one person asking questions (Player Q) and the other person answering questions (Player A).
• Decide who will guess first.
• Player A selects an envelope, takes out the cards and fans them in his or her hand secretly.
• Player Q has to guess the secret set by asking yes/no questions.
• According to the given answers, Player Q eliminates the pictures on the game board until he or she finds out the secret set. 10 min. Handout 2 Teacher gives students the cards.
6 Study (game) Pupils should work in 4 groups. They should to answer the question. Each group receive 100 points for every correct answer 5 min. Site 4 In this game teacher use internet resources. This game named “Volley’’.
7 Study Home Task 2 min Retell the dialog Teacher explain them the home task