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What am I going to do?
12.05.2017 537 139 Максимова Светлана Николаевна

The theme of the lesson: What am I going to do?
The aims of the lesson:
- to enrich pupils’ knowledge concerning to the theme;
- to develop pupils’ interest to work with the teams and get more information about future;
- to develop pupils’ skills in oral speech and reading, communication skills;
- to bring up the pupils to live in a good hope about their future.
Visual aids: cards, text papers, word box papers, pictures.
Form: 6
Procedure of the lesson
I Organization moment
II Warm-up
III Word box
IV Speaking
V Pair work
VI Music break – relaxation
VII Listening
VIII Working with cards
IX Reflection
X Evaluation
XI Home Task
I Organization moment
Good morning students! Sit down, please! I’m glad to see you!
What date is it today? What season is it now? What is the weather like today? How are you?
Let’s begin our lesson ! Boys and girls at our lesson I want you to show your knowledge in using the Future Simple Tense and your ideas about the future life. So, welcome to the future!
II Warm – up
Listen to the poem «Think of the future»
What is the future for me?
Funny it’s going to be.
What’s the future for you?
Your hopes and dreams will come true.
What’s the future for us?
Without pollution-green grass.
Robots, computers, commuting to the Moon.
Think of the future!
Don’t be a fool!
Listen to the poem more one time and clap your hands when you hear the word «future».
III Word box
Look at the blackboard please! We will begin our lesson with travel. On the blackboard you see the leaves with questions to speaking about your future travel.
Questions: Where are you going to go?
How are you going to go?
Whom is going to go with?
What are you going to see or to visit?
You need use these questions and make a story about your future holiday. But at the begin revise the kind of transport. Look at the word box and find the words there. There are 10 words there.
Right answers: helicopter, plane, car, ship, boat, motorbike, bike, bus, train, tram.
The children find the words, name them and the teacher shows them pictures of the transport on the blackboard.

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