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поурочный план в 9 классе " Choosing schools"
05.04.2017 1651 273 Cарбасова Фатима Иртысовна

Theme: Choosing schools.
Structures: Phrasal verbs.
Functions: Talking about schools in Britain
Aims: 1. Giving a large information about phrasal verbs
2.Enriching students` vocabulary and developing the creative and logical thinking
3.Teaching for skills working in groups.
Type: Mixed lesson
Method: Explaining-illustration, question-answer
Form of teaching: Working in a group
Connection with other subject: Kazakh,
Visual aids: Gr. table,
The Plan
I. Organization moment
II. Checking homework
III. New theme
IV. Home assignment
The Procedure of the Lesson
I.Org. moment.
II. Home task
III. New lesson
New words
Advertisement [ ædvətaizment] – хабарландыру
Independent [ independənt] – тәуелсіз
Qualitied [ kwɔlitaid] – маманданған
Staff [ sta:f] – штат
Attention [ ətenᶘən] – назар аудару
Accommodation [ əkɔmədeiᶘn] – ыңғайлылық, қолайлылық
Lead [ li:d]- жол көрсету
Prospertus [ prɔspect] – даңғыл
Senior [ si:niə] – үлкен
Ex – 1 Talk to your partner
Ex – 2 Read these advertisements
Ex – 5 Work in small groups
Ex – 7 Read the text
Traditional British school
Alternative American school
Ex – 8 Complete the table
British school
Location and size It has about 700 students and its mostly a boarding school
Facilities sport tennis courts, a swimming pool
After- school activities club were quite popular
Discipline was strict. To wear uniform
American school
Location and size old house in a forest
Facilities weren’t facilities, but there was library
After- school activities sport, painting, acting
Discipline was democratic

Ex – 10 Match the phrasal verbs to their definition
1. Catch up with (қуып жету) – to fail to keep level with another
2. Fall behind (қалып қою)- to work hard to do uncompleted work
3. Get on with ( алу )– to have a good relationship
4. Look up ( іздеу) - to search for a piece of information
5. Go on ( жалғастыр) – to continue
6. Take up (жалдау, орын алу) – to begin to do something as a pastime

Ex – 11 Complete the sentences
1. Look up
2. Catching up with
3. Get on
4. Take up
5. Fell behind
6. Go on

Home task Ex – 12, 13

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