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King cat's corner
30.01.2017 1044 280 Турдахынова Жұлдыз Тұрарбековна

Object: English Date: Form: Lesson№5
Theme of the lesson King cat’s corner
General aims To develop reading skills.
To enlarge vocabulary
Results of educating Students will develop their reading skills, will enlarge vocabulary.
Main ideas Learning to think critically.
Assessment for and of learning. New approaches to teaching and learning.
Methods Dialogue.
Role play.
Resources English book, assessment papers.
The courses Teachers actions Pupils actions Time
Organizational moment Good morning, my dear pupils! Good morning, teacher! 2
Warm up Answer to my questions.
What’s this?
Will answer the questions.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen
Presentation Today we’ll learn the numbers 10-15
Will learn and listen the numbers. 3
Practice Count with me.
How old are you? Ask….
This is Steve. It’s his birthday. How old is he?
What’s his name? What’s her name?
Work in pairs. Ask your neighbor.
Point and ask your friend. Will write and say
Will play a role

Sing a song.
Evaluation What’s the answer? Write some more sums.
Look. What’s the answer. Read the numbers problems. Write the answers. Write a number problem.
Chant with me. Will write answers and read the numbers problem.
Assessment Assessment for learning.
Questions and tasks. Will take their suitable marks. 3
Home task Draw and say. Will write home task to their diary. 2

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