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Chess is a sport too
15.06.2016 1415 409 Сакен Шолпан Болатқызы

The theme of the lesson: Chess is a sport too.

Aims and objectives: to develop reading, listening and writing;
to develop students skills and abilities about the theme, using the possessive case;
to talk about chess and other sports.
Result of the lesson: students will be able to learn the new words about sport
Form: 2 A, В

Timing Lesson`s procedure Assessment Resources
10 min Greeting. Students greet teacher and themselves in different ways. They stand in a circle, give the ball for students and say the words about sport.

Checking the home homework: Ex 4,5 p.42

3 claps
a ball, screen, stickers
30 min A game «Like or dislike»
- I like football. – I don`t like skating. (by pictures)
-ee- -ea-
- Say the sounds - [i:] [i]
Me, he, she, teen, fourteen, team, teacher, see, meet, fifteen.
His, is, this, big, sing, singer
Work with the book.
Dividing into groups by numbers 1,2,3. Students takes stickers with numbers. They sit to their desks.
1ˢͭ group 2ⁿ ͩ group 3 ͬ ͩ group
What`s the girl`s name?
Is she a pupil?
What does she play?
Does she like to run and jump?
Is chess a sport?
Is she a chess champion?
Track 33. Listen and read.
She runs – She doesn`t run.
He plays sport – He doesn`t play sport.
Ex 2. Read and say.
Sample answers:
This girl / She likes skating. She doesn`t play basketball.
Ex 3. Listen and choose.
Track 34. Listen and read.

Physical training.
Writing. Ex 1. Make negative sentences.
Students` presentations.
3 claps

3 claps

1 clap


counters Pupil`s book, additional materials,
notebook, stickers

words, sounds

cards with words.

Pupil`s book

Textbook, pictures

Activity book
5 min Making conclusion of the lesson.
Giving home task. Ex 3 p.42


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