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Present Perfect Tense
18.05.2016 3198 542 Кусаинова Ания Аскарбековна

Сынып: 6
Тақырыбы: The Present Perfect Tense. Revision
Мақсаты: Present Perfect Tense грамматикалық тақырыпты қайталау. Оқушылардың ойлау логикасын, есте сақтау қабілетін дамыту. Сөздік қорын көбейту. Оқушыларды бір-бірін тыңдауға, сыйлауға және өзге тілді құрметтеуге тәрбиелеу.
Көрнекілігі: интерактивті тақта, Power Point Presentation
Сабақтың түрі: аралас сабақ
Сабақтың барысы
І. Ұйымдастыру кезеңі
a) greeting: Teacher: Good afternoon, pupils!
b) warm-up activity: What day is it today? What date is it today? What is the weather like today?
c) checking up the attendance
Teacher: Who is on duty today and who is absent?
Pupil: I am on duty today, all are present.

ІІ. Үй тапсырмасын тексеру
to learn the active words

III. Жаңа сабақ
Today we are going to revise the Present Perfect Tense and do a test on these theme.

The Present Perfect Tense (аяқталған осы шақ)

Positive Negative Question
I have spoken.
I have not spoken.
Have I spoken?
He has spoken.
He has not spoken.
Has he spoken?

IV. Оқушы мұғалімнің тапсырмаларды орындайды.
1. T. - Aruzhan, jump, please! ( fly, open the door, close the door)
- What has she done?
P. - She has just jumped.
V. Мәтін оқып, тапсырма орындау

Who is she? What has she done? What has happened?
Recently, it has snowed in Maria's town. In the last week, it has snowed three times. Maria has always loved the snow. She has played in the snow many times before. Maria's dog, Sparky, has never played in the snow. This is Sparky's first snow. He has not felt the cold yet. Maria has just received a new sled for Christmas. She puts on her warm clothes and snow boots. She pulls the sled up the hill. Sparky has run outside with Maria. Sparky has followed Maria up the hill. He feels good! Maria has finally reached the top. She sits on her sled. She rides down the hill. Sparky runs beside the sled. They have finally reached the bottom. Sparky has followed Maria all the way down the hill. Sparky has decided that he likes the snow too!

VI. Пысықтау
Task 1. SCRAMBLED SENTENCES. Make up sentences with the correct word order.
1. has, for, years, England, he, lived, in, fifteen.
2. read, they, all, books, have, since, these, year, last.
3. well, exercise, you, have, this, done, very.
4. John, a telegram, brother, has, his, sent, to, already.
5. student, English, the, already, translated, into, Russian, text, has, this, from.
6. for, Mary, seen, I, have, ages, not.

Task 2. Match the sentences with the results of the action
1. I have just had lunch. A) He is not here.

2. Somebody has broken the window in our classroom.
cool I am not hungry.
3. I have known her since our childhood.
C) It’s too cold in here.
4. We have left all the money at home.
D) He knows this country very well.
5. Your mistakes have taught you nothing.
E) She can not write now.
6. She has cut her finger.
F) She is my best friend.
7. He hasn’t come yet.
G) We can’t buy anything.
8. David has been to the USA more than once.
H) It is open now.
9. Some fool has left the door unlocked.
I) You are doing the same silly thing again.
10. Grandmother has written a letter.
J) She is going to the post-office now.

VII. Are you tired? Look at the screen and do the puzzles.




VIII. Test. Present Perfect or Past Simple?
1. We (not/have) a holiday this year.
a. didn’t have b. haven’t had c. hadn’t
2. My parents (be) to the USA many times.
a. have been b. were c. have being
3. … it (stop) raining yet?
a. Did it stop b. Is it stopped c. Has it stopped
4. Don’t worry about your letter. I (send) it.
a. sended b. have sent c. sent
5. When Jill (finish) school?
a. when had Jill finished b. when has Jill finished c. when did Jill finish
6. When I was a child, I (always/be) late
for school
a. have always been b. was always late c. had always been
7. I can’t find my umbrella. I think somebody
(take) by mistake
a. took b. takes c. has taken
8. — Are you tired?
-Yes, a little. I (paint) the ceiling today.
a. have painted b. painted c. paint
9. — Have you got any money ?
-Yes I (borrow) it from my brother
a. borrowed b. have borrowed c. did borrow
10. Where is Jane?
— She (go) the shop. She’ll be back soon.
a. went b. has gone to c. has been to
2 mistakes – 5
3, 4 mistakes – 4
5 and more mistakes – 3

VII. Үйге тапсырма
Ex 2, 3 on page 167

VIII. Бағалау
To evaluate pupils by their evaluating papers.

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