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Конспект к уроку английского "Writing a movie synopsis" 8 класс
07.12.2015 1429 435 Харькова Светлана Петровна

Learning objectives:

1.   Work out step-by-step strategies of writing a movie synopsis

2.   practice research basics


3.   I. Eliciting the topic

II. Brainstorming on the topic "Types of films”

a)    To divide the s-s into 3 groups (apple/banana/pear) 1 min

b)   Produce a concept card on the topic "Types of films” 3 min

c)    Move about the room clockwise to make some improvements to your classmate’s concept card                                   2 min

d)   Stick the concept cards onto the board                      1 min

e)    Answer the questions: Which concept card do you like more? Give your reasons.


III.         Stating the type of the film by the pictures (5 min)

a)    State these films types and give reasons for it.

b)   Compare and add to your presentation of them we haven’t  mentioned


1)   Science fiction

2)   Drama

3)   Cartoon

4)   an animated film

5)   A soap opera

6)   A documentary

7)   A western

8)   A thriller

9)   A horror film

10)               An epic film

11)               A romantic comedy

12)               A comedy

13)                Action

14)               Adventure film

15)               Biography

16)               Musical

17)               Romance


IV. Speaking practice

a)    S-s fill in the chart about their favourite film

b)   S-s go about the room and discuss with each other the films.

c)    In 1 minute you are to come up with results of your short questionnaire

d)   Answer the question: You have discussed your favourite film with three people. What conclusion can you come to?


1.  Who starred in the film?


2.  What happens in it?


3.  What do you especially like in it? Why?


Ask your 1 partner’s opinion about it.


Ask your 2 partner’s opinion about it.


Ask your 3 partner’s opinion about it.




IV.         Revising the phrases expressing reactions

1)   I read out a synopsis: The character thinks that he’s been chased through a dark house by a monster. Suddenly the monster appears in front of him.

2)   What would your reaction in this situation be?

3)   Make up a list of positive//negative reactions to the films

4)   Stick the lists onto the board

5)   The experts add to the lists


V.           Writing a synopsis

1)   S-s discuss and decide on the most exciting/the most spectacular/the most extraordinary type of film         2 min

2)   S-s get a set of similar objects                                        

3)   S-s make up a synopsis of a chosen type of film using the objects  

4)   S-s present their synopsises //Meanwhile the class gives them assessment using the phrases expressing emotions (write them on stickers and pass to the team)


VI.         Feedback

a)    Change these indifferent smileys according to the way you like the today’s lesson.

b)   Express your reason on the back side of the smiley.



VII.       Reading and speaking practice S.B. ex 5 p. 104

a)    S-s read out the texts and state the type giving reasons

b)   Read the texts one by one silently and say which of the films they’d love to advise the person to watch and why


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