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The theme of the lesson: Future in the past
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The theme of the lesson:   Future in the past

Form: 8th

The aim of the lesson:

1.                      Алған білімдерін кеңейтіп, қызығушылығын арттыру.

2.                      Ойлау, көру, сезіну қабілетін дамыту

3.                      Әрбір істі саналы түрде орындауға тәрбиелеу.


Methods of the lesson: question-answer, group work, individual work.

Type of the lesson: new theme                          

Plan of the lesson:

І Organization moment.

II Correct homework.

III New theme.

IV Home work

V Marks

Procedure of the lesson:

I Organization moment:

Who is on duty today?

What is the date today?

what is the day today?

What is the weather like today?

What season is it now?

II Correct homework.

III Warm up

1. Future in the Past.

If the verb in the Main Clause is in the Past, the verbs in the Subordinate Clause must be in Future in the Past. The auxiliary verbs "should" and "would" are used to form Future in the Past. "Should" replaces "shall" and "would" replaces "will".

Егер Басыңқы сөйлем өткен шақта тұрса,басыңқы сөйлем Өткен шақтағы келер шақта тұрады(Future in the Past)Көмекщі етістіктері"should" және "would ,негізгі етістігі V1."Should""shall"орнына"would" орнына "will" орнына қолданылады


1.                      He knows that I shall come here again tomorrow. He knew that I shouldcome here again the next day.

2.                      She promises they will finish the work soon. She promised they wouldfinish the work soon.

2. Change the following sentences by using Future in the Past. Instead of "He knows that I shall come here again tomorrow", say "He knew that I should come here again the next day."

1.                      He says that we shall meet tomorrow.

2.                      The teacher of Botany says that our class will go to the greenhouse.

3.                      John says that he will invite us to celebrate his birthday.

4.                      He promises that the work will be finished in two days.

My sister says that she will not spend much money on sweets.

3. Act out the dialogue.

Aidar. Nick, I wasn't at the English lesson yesterday  Nick: Oh, what happened to you? Were you ill? Aidar. Yes, I wasn't well, usual illness. I've got cold. Nick: I see  Maybe you should go to the doctor. Aidar: Oh, no  Today I feel much better  Now I wonder what you were doing at the English lesson.

Nick: Well, I'm glad to hear that. As to our work at the lesson  nothing unusual. We practiced talking English.

Aidar. It's really wonderful! And what about homework?

Nick: Homework? The teacher said that we should write a dictation. Besides she told us that we should be ready to talk over the story "The Lamb and the Wolf.

Aidar Oh, that's okay. See you tomorrow.

IV Home work.

V Marks.



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