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Конспект к уроку английского языка «Birth of the Moon» 7 класс
11.10.2015 1819 472 Лопата Кристина Михайловна

Educational: to practice students in monological and dialogical speech, to teach students to work creatively and introduce new words, expressions according to the theme.
Developing: to enrich children’s memory and logical thinking, to develop creativity doing exercises.
Bringing up: to bring up pupils to love for foreign language, promoting interest in the culture.
Level: elementary
The type of the lesson: lesson-combination.
Inter subject connection: Russian, Kazakh.
The visual and teaching aids: a basic textbook, cards.
Organization moment: (2 min)
Good morning. How are you? I am glad to see you! Now children let’s begin our lesson. Who is on duty today?
Who is absent today?
What day of the week today?
What is the weather like today?
What season is it now?
Take out your books, pens and copybooks. Get ready for the lesson.
What date is it today?
Everyone open your exercise-books and write down the date.
Checking HW (5 min):
1. The new words.The grammar rules.
Presentation of the new theme: (15 min)
I wish / if only
The expressions 'I wish' and 'If only' are used in English to express wishes and regrets about things that may happen in the future or may have happened in the past.
They should be studied in relation with the three types of conditional sentences:
Type 1: If + present simple / will
E.g. If I have enough money, I will travel to New York. (That is, I will check how much money I have and see if it possible for me to go)
Type 2: If + past simple / would + infinitive
E.g.: If I had enough money, I would travel to New York. (That is, I don't really have the money to afford the voyage, so I won't go)
Type 3: If + past perfect / would + perfect infinitive
E.g.: If I had had enough money, I would have gone to New York. (I wanted to go, but I didn't have enough money, so I couldn't)
When I wish and if only are used, they follow the structure of one of these conditionals, depending on what we want to express. If we talk about a regret about a present or future event, then we will use the structure of the second type of conditional and the expressions I wish/if only are followed by past simple:
I wish I had enough money to travel to New York.

If only I had enough money to travel to New York.
(That is, I don't have enough money, and I am sorry for it because I can't go)
If the event we regret happened (or failed to happen) in the past and is, therefore, impossible to change, then we use the third type of conditional structure. This time the expressions I wish/if only are followed by past perfect.
I wish I had had enough money to travel to New York.
If only I had had enough money to travel to New York.
(That is, I didn't have enough money to travel, so I couldn't go and now I regret it)
If only smb (Oh, if smb, Oh, that ) |did smth/had done smth.
Структура выражает желание в настоящем и сожаление в прошлом.
If only it were summer now !-Если только сейчас было лето!
If only I had studied better at school!- Если бы только я лучше учился в школе!
4. Smb wishes /wished, will wish| smb did smth.
Структура используется для выражения желания, относящегося к настоящему или будущему.
I wish I were ten years younger.-Я бы хотел быть моложе на десять лет.
Smb. wishes /wished, will wish| smb had done smth
Структура используется для выражения сожаления о действии, которое произошло в прошлом.
I wish I had not stolen the motorbike.- Я бы хотел не красть тот мотоцикл(дословный перевод) Жаль, что я украл тот мотоцикл.
Как правило на русский язык такие предложения переводятся через "жаль", при этом негативные меняются на позитивные, а позитивные на негативные.
I wish /wished, will wish|somebody would do it /wouldn’t do it/.
Структура выражает вежливую комманду, приказ; либо желание говорящего изменить ситуацию или чьё-то поведение.
I wish you would pay more attention.- Я бы хотел, чтобы вы уделяли больше внимания.
Структура не употребляется для действий, относящихся к прошлому; и если в предложении совпадают подлежащие.
I wish you would have been more polite then.
I wish I would go to the USA.

Homework. (2 min)

1. The new words
2. The grammar rules.

Conclusion. (2 min)
Our lesson is reaching the end. My dear, today you were very active and worked hard.
Your marks for today’ s lesson are…
Thank you! See you later!

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