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Английский язык 7 класс. Тема: “Welcome to Wonderland”
04.12.2014 2205 555

The place:  Multimedia class

The objectives: to develop the pupils’ interests in the subject of English, to widen pupils’ scope with the help of the intercommunication of subjects: Geography, History and English. To develop students skills in oral speech, to work in groups cooperatively.

 The aids of the competition: multimedia board, cards.

 Procedure of the game:

 1st leader: good day, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to our intellectual competition named "Welcome to Wonderland”.

 2nd leader: Every competition has judges: (3 persons)

We have two teams. Now, these teams must present themselves.

 1st leader: Let me introduce with the tasks of the competition. In general, we have 6 rounds.

  1. "Presentation of teams”
  2. "Complete the proverb”
  3. "Question tag for captains”
  4. "Crosswords”
  5. "I choose….”
  6. "Make up a situation”

 2nd leader: Let’s begin our competition.

First round: "Presentation”

 "Twinkle stars” – 1st team

"Golden eagle” – 2nd team

(They say their catchwords and show their emblems)

-          Thank you, for your presentation! Judges can show the marks.

1st leader: The second round is called "Complete the proverbs”

 (There are the beginnings of proverbs, students must complete the end of the proverbs.)

-          You must answer in queues:

-          Every right answer is 5 point

2nd leader:

  1. Promise little – (but do much) - (for 1st team)
  2. A good beginning makes – (a good ending) – (for 2nd team)
  3. So many men – (so many minds) - (for 1st team)
  4. Better late – (than never) – (for 2nd team)
  5. Custom is – (a second nature) - (for 1st team)
  6. Honesty is – (the best policy) - (for 2nd team)
  7. Bad news – (travel fast) - (for 1st team)
  8. Actions speak louder – (than words) - (for 2nd team)

-          Thank you for your attention!

-          Judges must mark the participants.

 1st leader: The next round is for captains: "Question tag”

 Look at the board and answer the questions:

These questions are for the first captain:

1.      Which is the largest state in the USA? (Alaska)

2.      Who wrote "Brown Wolf ” (Jack London)

3.      What is the name given to the official residence of the President of the USA in Washington? (The White House)

4.      Where was William Shakespeare born? (in Stratford-on-Avon)

5.      What animal is the symbol of the US government? (The bald eagle)

6.      The capital of Great Britain? (London)

7.      What is the traditional food for Thanksgiving Day? (turkey)

8.      Who is the first President of the USA? (George Washington)

9.      Where is the Disneyland? (in California)

 - Thank you for your attention!

          - Judges must say the marks.

 2nd leader:

The next questions are for the second captain:

1.      Which is the most popular British sport? (football)

2.      Who is the first woman Prime Minister in Britain? (Margaret Thatcher)

3.      What is the Day of National Independence in the USA? (July)

4.      Robinson Crusoe met his friend on the island? (Friday)

5.      What ocean separates Europe from the states? (Atlantic Ocean)

6.      Which university is the oldest in the USA? (Harvard)

7.      Canada has two official languages. What are they? (English and French)

8.      What is the capital of Australia? (Canberra)

9.      What is the symbol of England? (red rose)

10.  Lake Loch Ness is situated in ….? (Scotland)

-          Thank you for your answers! Judges can mark the right answers.

 1st leader: The next round is "Crosswords”

We’ll give you papers with crosswords, you must write the necessary word. Which of you are faster?

(Answers of the first group:)

1.      Соль

2.      Шляпа

3.      Сад

4.      Нос

5.      Яйцо

6.      Игра 

(Answers of the second group:)

1.      Имя

2.      Восемь

3.      Нога

4.      Поезд

5.      Поздно

6.      Марка

 - Please, finish and give crosswords to the judges:

 2st leader: The next round is named: "I choose…”















 20 – How many lakes there in Kazakhstan? (about 5.000)

 30 – Where is the lake Zhalanash situated? (Kokshetau)

40 – Where is Hawaii? (In the Pacific Ocean)


20 – When was established as the Republic of Kazakhstan? (Desember, 1991)

30 – How many years the President of RK is elected for? (for 7 years)

40 – When was the first President of the RK elected? (1991)


20 – The scheme of the Present Perfect Tense. (have, has + V3, Ved)

30 – "Bingo”

40 – Who wrote "Hamlet”? (W. Shakespeare)

Thanks! Good!

 1st leader: Now, the last round named: "Make up the situations”

 Captains, choose the theme, there are two: "At the shop”, "At the doctor”.

Please, prepare your situations.

 2st leader:

 Who will be the first want to present his situation?

(Every team presents his situation)

  When judges will mark your presentations, we have a minute for the rest: (Every team sings their songs, which they have prepared at home.)

 1st leader:

Now, our dear judges want to call the winners.

 Thank everybody for your attention!

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