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Английский язык 8 класс. Тема: Государственные национальные символы Казахстана
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                                     ХОД УРОКА

1.Ппиветствие и сообщение целей урока:

Teacher. Good morning! First, as usual what are we going to do at the lesson? Our  English lesson today is devoted to our national symbols :State National Flag speak about soma aspect of State Kazakhstan, it’s geography and culture.

1)The lesson consist of three about our state:                    

2)listening discussion about our greatest national symbols:

3)the famous game What? Where? When?                        

II.Речевая зарядка.упражнение. Brainstorming.

Let’s begin from short exercise”Brainstorming”, connected with theme Kazakhstan,there are two aspect geography political national symbols.Quckly, name me any words connected with themes.

III.Практика говорении и  аудирование

Look at the map at the blackboard.Can you name me which seas enclose Kazakhsnan.Name the famous rivers,mountains, lakes.

IV.Практика в аудировании и  обучение чтению.

Now the next part of our lesson are National symbols: I asked you to prepare your home assignment,two questions,connected with the national flag

V.Игра What?Where?When?

The last part of our lesson is the game.Please ,sit downhere around the table:let’s begin to play our game.

The question to the game:

1)What kind of dress did women of common people wear in XX centuries?

2)What kind of shoes,made of straw, wore men and women in XX centuries?

3)what does the flag mean? ets….

VI.Заключительный этап (подведение итогов и сообщение  домащнего задания )

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