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Ағылшын тілі 11 сынып. Сабақтың тақырыбы: Conditional sentences
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Сабақтың мақсаты

Білімділік : шартты сөйлемдер туралы мәлімет беру, дұрыс пайдалануын меңгерту

Дамытушылық : грамматикалық тапсырмалар орындау,сөздік қорын тереңдңту

Тәрбиелік: тілге деген қызығушылығын арттыру

Сабақтың типі: аралас сабақ

Әдіс-тәсілі : топтық жұмыс, сұрақ жауап

Көрнекілігі: грамматикалық таблица,оқулық

Сабақтың барысы.

The Plan
I. Organization moment
II. Checking homework
III. New theme
a) to know
b) comprehension
c) using
d) analyse
e) fixing
IV. Evaluation
V.Home assignment
VI. Conclusion.

The Procedure of the Lesson
I.Org. moment.
Greeting. Dividing into two groups for conducting a competition lesson. Counters for evaluation and giving points. Good morning boys and girls. Today we`ll have a lesson in the room of multimedia. At first we’ll divide into two groups A &B.

II.Checking home work.Ex.2 p133 completing sentences in the 1st Conditional
a.I`ll be surprised if__________________________________________
b.I`ll be sorry if_____________________________________________
c.I1ll be frightened if_________________________________________
d.I`ll be very happy if________________________________________
e.I`ll be bored if_____________________________________________

III. New theme.

Conditionals express
1. reality 2. unreality 3. regret
Іске асатын іс әрекет Іске аспаған іс әрекет өкініш

І. Conditional reality
If + present tenses will + V
If I study hard I will know English well.

Егер мен жақсы оқысам, ағылшын тілін жақсы білетін боламын.
II. Conditional unreality
If + past tenses would + V
If knew English well I would travel around the world.
Егер мен ағылшын тілін жақсы білсем, дүниеи жүзілік саяхат жасаған болатын едім

Working on exercises.

1.Completing sentences with the correct form of the Verb. Ex.10 p 119
a.If I______(have) much time,I ________(waste) it.
b.If I________(be) rich, I_________(travel) around the world.
c.If I________(be) a famous sportsman , I______(see) a lot of interesting places.
d.If I________(have) enoygh money , I__________(buy) a computer.

2.Reading the text of ex.5p117
Let’s read the text about Bolat`s life and his dream.Describe his dream.(screen picture).
The next exercise is 6 on p118 for asking and answering questions about Bolat.
Example: he/live/in a small flat?
Would he live in a small flat?
No, he wouldn`t. He would live in a big house
a..his mother/stay/at home?
b.he and his sister/ go to/ ordinary school?
c.he and his sister/ wear/ a uniform?
d.his granny /look/ after them?
e.his life / be / boring?
3.Talking about if their father were a millionaire. Ex 8 p 118.

I live in a small flat with my parents a sister. My father is a teacher. He doesn’t earn much. My mother is a housewife. She can’t find a job. I have a granny who looks after us. My sister and I go to ordinary school. We usually get there by bus. At school we wear uniform. At home we have a small cat "Blacky”. My life is boring.

His dream
If my father were a millionaire we would live in a house. My father would earn much money. My mother would have an interesting job. My sister and I wouldn’t go to an ordinary school. We would go to a private school, where we wouldn’t wear a uniform. We would wear fashionable clothes. My granny would travel all over the world. We would have "gold fish” at home. My life would be interesting

The next task is completing sentences of the 2nd Conditional. Let’s think well.
If I______(win) the lottery, I would give you half the money.
If I _______( be) free on Sunday, I would go to the cinema.
It _________( be) a pity if he _________ ( marry ) Susan.
She ________( not be ) late if she ________(have ) a watch.
________ you ________ (buy ) a bicycle if you had much money?

Now answer some final tasks
1.Auxilliary verb of the main clause.
2.The Tense of the Subordinate clause.

Home assignment.. Ex 11 p 119. making sentences.

 Learning Conditional sentences.