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Английский язык 8 класс. The theme of the lesson: St. Valentine`s Day
17.10.2014 2646 691

The aim of the lesson: improvement of abilities and skills of English language.



Educational-practical: strengthening and reinforcement of vocabulary.

Cognitive: the expansion and deepening of cultural knowledge, the improvement of the General culture of communication.

 Upbringing: formation of a respectful attitude to the language, the ability to actively and work productively in a team.   

          Equipment of the lesson:   handout (cards for the assignment), computer, projector, presentation slides in Power Point, motion pictures.

Expected results:

ü increase of activity in the classroom;

ü improvement of results of education;

ü development of creativity in students.


Technological map of the lesson.


I. Organization moment.

Teacher: Good morning, children! I am glad to see you. Today we have a revision- lesson. Today we shall speak with you about the most famous holidays and customs of Great Britain. We also shall revise lexical and grammar structures. I hope that it will be interesting for you during our lesson. Today I invite the British guests (several 10th formers), they will help to conduct the lesson


 II. The main part of the lesson.

1. Message the theme of the lesson. Invite the British guests (several 10th formers), they will help to conduct the lesson  (slide 1,2)

2. Warm up - How are you?    (slide 3)

The teacher asks your pupils  - How are you today?

3. Revision of the words.  (slide 4)

 arrow - стрела

couple   - пара

Cupid -  купидон

flowers  - цветы

heart  - сердце

hug  - обнимать

ring  - кольцо

saint  - святой

valentine  - валентинка

Work on the cards -  Unscramble the words.    (см.приложение)

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