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Английский язык 9 класс. The theme of the lesson: “ Transport in London ”
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I.                   The theme of the lesson:   " Transport in London ”

II.                Objects:          1. Introduction of new material:

a)lexic:  revision last words

b)grammar:   revision: Gerund

                                   2. Consolidation of new material:  work with book, active board.

1. Developing of pupils skills:           in reading,  writing,  auding,   speaking.    

2.  Up- brining:           to teach pupils to respect their friends,  to love their Motherland. To be healthy and wealthy. To know other countries.

3. Practical:    to use the new words of the lesson in dialogic speech.      

III. Form of the lesson:  traditional

IV. Type of the lesson:  new lesson

V.  Methods of the lesson:    demonstration, explain, conversation,  translation.

VI.  Visual aids:   pictures, new words, games, active board.

VII. Literature:  T. Ayapova  "English”     9th  form.

Plan of the lesson:

I.                   Beginning of the lesson

1.      Organization moment

2.      Checking – up the home task.

II.                Basic part of the lesson

1.      Revision

2.      Work with book

3.      Work with exercises.

III.             Concluding stage

1.      Games

2.      Marking

3.      Giving the home task




IV.             Organization moment.

1.      Good-morning, boys and girls!                          

     How are you?                                                         

     Who is on duty today?                                        

      Who is absent today?       

      What date is it today?                                         

      What day is it today? 

2.      I` ll check – up your home task. Ex 6 p 68. Make sentences about yourself.

a)      I dislike  to eat junk food.

b)      I enjoy to read books.

c)      I  often feel like that I` m tired .

d)     I would like to give up to eat sweets.

e)      I don` t mind to sing a song.

f)       I often try to put off  money.

g)      I don` t like to risk with my life.


III.             Basic part of the lesson.

1.     The theme of the lesson is " Transport in London”. Today we` ll continue our last lesson about GB, London and transport. And I want to check – up new words. Say me please their.

2.      New words:

Double – decker bus –  двухэтажный автобус

Single – decker bus  - одноэтажный автобус

Conductor – кондуктор

Inspector – контралер

Coach –  экипаж, автобус

Queue –  очередь.

3.      Ok, what do you know about London?

1)      London is the capital of Great Britain.

2)      The Houses of parliament – it is the place where government works.

3)      Big Ben  - it is the clock.

4)      Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Queen.

5)      The Tower of London is the historical monument

6)      Westminster Abbey is the church.

4.      What kind of transports do you know? (a car, a plane, a taxi, a train, a bus, a bicycle, etc). Now look at the blackboard.

Ok, can we see these transports in our  village.  What kind of transports can we see in our village?  What kind of transports can we see in London?

 Ok,  Let` s read the text about   "Transport in London”.  Ex 1, p 66.

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