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Английский язык 6 класс. Тесты для аудирования по изучаемым темам.
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Тест № 1 – "The Seasons

Расставьте в  нужной последовательности номера предложенных текстов.





Beginning  of Autumn

End of Autumn


1)      It is not cold, but it is not hot. The days are short. The leaves on the trees are yellow. Children go to school.

2)      It is cold. The days are short. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it snows. There are no leaves on the trees. The children can ski and skate.

3)      It is cold. The days are short. The nights are long. There is a lot of snow in the fields and in the trees. Children play snowballs in the yard.

4)      It is cool, but sometimes it is warm. The weather is fine. There are first flowers in the fields and parks. We all like this season.

5)      It is warm. Sometimes it is hot. The weather is usually fine. There are mane flowers in the fields and parks. Children like this season very much.


Тест № 2 – "At School”







1)      At this lesson, you read English texts, speak, ask and answer questions, play games.

2)      At this lesson, you draw and point. You have papers and pencils, a brush and an eraser.

3)      At this lesson, you write in your exercise –books and count.

4)      At this lesson, you read, write, do exercises, ask and answer questions. We speak Russian.

5)      At this lesson you do not read and write. You run, jump in the Gym.


Тест № 3 – "The Family”







1)      She is old. She loves the children very much. The children love her too. She does not work.

2)      She is not old. She is a doctor. The children love her very much.

3)      She is small. She is young. She does not go to school.

4)      He is young. He does not work. He likes History and Maths.

5)      He is not young, but he is not old. He works at the office. He loves his children.