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Английский язык 7 класс. Тема урока: “ A Healthy Way of Life”.
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Цель урока: систематизировать и обобщить знания учащихся по теме «Health and Body Care».


Задачи урока:


- обобщение лексического материала по теме «Health»,

- обобщение грамматического материала (модальный глагол «should»),

- развитие навыков говорения, аудирования ,чтения и письма по теме.


- развитие коммуникативных навыков по теме «Health and Body Care»,

- развитие творческих способностей учащихся,

- развитие памяти, внимания и мышления,

- развитие умения обобщать и делать выводы.


- воспитание здоровых привычек и культуры здорового образа жизни,

- воспитание умения работать в сотрудничестве.

Форма урока: урок-викторина.

Оборудование: интерактивный  учебно-методический комплекс по предмету «Английский язык», аудиозапись,  карточки «Health Code»,


1.      Warming up. Brainstorming.

 Good morning, good morning,

Wake body, wake mind.

Run, jump, seek and find.

Wash, brush, sing, dance and do.

Good morning, good morning

Good morning to you.

Good morning, dear pupils! I am very glad to see you and hope that you are ready for the lesson.

There are a lot of guests at our lessons, but don’t be afraid of them they are the teachers from different schools and I hope you are ready for the lesson.

Teacher.  Today our lesson is devoted to a very important problem. As you know some people are healthy, some people are unhealthy. We can’t buy health, but we can do a lot to keep it.  The series of pictures on the screen will help you to guess what we are going to speak about.

-          What can you see in the first picture?

-          What can you see in the second picture?

-          What can you see in the third picture

-          Now look at all these pictures at once. What do they represent? Can you guess what we are going to speak about?

Pupil.  A Healthy Way of Life. Or What  you should do to keep fit.

Teacher.    Right you are. So today we are going to speak about our health, about what we should do to be healthy .

2. Motivation

3. Phonetic Practice. But at first we should revise some words on our topic.  Look at the screen, please. I will read these words and then you will repeat them altogether. «Magic box»


4. Read each of the following lists of four words. One word does not belong in each list. Find it and name it.
a) ill, sick, sad, unwell; b) doctor, nurse, teacher, chemist;
c) sleep, take care of, nurse, look after;

d) headache, a sore throat, toothache, pill;
 e)insomnia, burn, backache, a cough; dentist.


5. Пословицы по данной теме.
There are a lot of proverbs about health. Health is better than wealth-здоровье дороже богатства- денсаулық зор байлық.
A sound mind in a sound body-
в здоровом теле здоровый дух- жаны саудың тәні сау.
Better safe than sorry-
лучше поберечься заранее, чем жалеть потом- сақтанғанды құдай сақтайды.
Our next task is to find the Russian equivalents for these English proverbs.

1. Good health is above wealth.                   Здоровье дороже богатства.

2. An apple a day keeps a doctor away.       Кушай по яблоку в   день, и

доктор не  понадобится.

3. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man  Кто рано ложится и рано встает,

healthy, wealthy and wise.                               здоровье, богатство и ум наживет.

4.  A sound mind in a sound body.                     В здоровом теле – здоровый дух.


6.Put the following words in the correct column:

 smoking, go to bed early, healthy diet, do sports, eating sweets, drinking alcohol, eating breakfast, taking drugs, sleeping too much or too little, regular meals, getting up early, eating fat food, exercising, taking vitamins, having regular check-up, walk a lot,


7.Lets repeat should/should’t .Grammar revision.

Т: Let's make Health Code. Here are some cards.

You ... eat vegetables and fruit.

You ... drink hot milk and honey.

You ... sleep 8 hours a day.

You ... get wet in rainy weather.

You ... do morning exercises.

You ... walk too much in cold weather.

You ... drink cold water.

You ... air the room.

You ... consult a doctor every 3 months.

You ... drink much coffee.

You ... eat a lot of sweets (salt).

7. Физминутка.
Are you tired? Let’s do exercises.

Up and down Up and down Which is the way, In  London town Where? Where? Up in the air, Close your eyes And you are there.

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