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Английский язык 9 класс. Schools in England. Harrow school.
06.09.2014 7119 1037




·         To practice using vocabulary about school;

·         To read and understand text about Harrow school;


·         To develop the pupil’s skills in oral speech, listening and reading;

Bringing – up:

·         To teach pupils to love English language.


·         Critical thinking;

·         Integrated learning;

·         Venn diagram.

Resource used: interactive board, pictures, slides with photos of school.



Teacher’s activity

Pupil’s activity




Organization moment



-Good morning children!

-I’m glad to see you!

-Sit down, please!

-Good morning!

-Our task was to tell about our school.


2 min.


Warm up.


-Let’s begin our lesson with the system of education in our country. You are pupils and I’m sure you know much about Kazakhstan schools.

Answer my questions please!

-What does the word "school” mean for you?

-When do children go to school in Kazakhstan?

-When do pupils leave school?

-How many years do pupils learn at secondary school?

-What types of school are there in Kazakhstan?

-What is your favourite subject?

-Do you like to go to school?

Pupils answer the questions.


5 min.


Checking up the home-work.

-Well, who wants to tell about your home –task? You can use slides. 

One of the pupils tells about our school.

Appendix 1.

5 min.

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