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The theme of the lesson: Schools in our country
02.09.2014 15742 1235 Асанова Динара Болатовна

6 th form

The aims of the lesson : to compare educational system in Great Britain and Kazakhstan. to interest in learning English, in learning education system in Great Britain and in our country Kazakhstan.
teaching :  to enlarge pupils knowledge and vocabulary; to talk about  secondary education

developing: to develop pupils logical thinking, reading, writing, hearing and speaking skills and habits;

bringing-up: to bring up respect and love  for mother tongue, for foreign languages;

The type of the lesson: combined

 The visual aids of the lesson: cards


                                    The procedure  of the lesson:


  1. Organization moment


- conversation with duty

  1. Checking - up hometask

-What was your home task?

  -Tell about school





  1. New theme


You are welcome to our lesson by the theme:  "Schools in our country”

Our president N. A. Nazarbayev said: "Every person in our country must know three languages: Kazakh as a state language, Russian as a language of international communication and English as a widespread language in the world, as a language of business and new technology”.
And our pupils know these languages well and now they show us their knowledge.

           So,first of all we learn new words,look at the blackboard:

School yard- мектеп ауласы

Portrait- портрет

Computer- компьютер

Classroom- сынып бөлмесі

Discussion- талдау

Comprehensive- жан жақты

Core- ортасы

Attend- назар аудару

Strange- бөтен


So,I want tell for us short information about schools in Kazakhstan, attend at the black-board, It is Private school in Actobe city "Symbat”. This is their uniforms.

Next school ,what do you think,what this school?

"Nazarbaev schools” An educational day begins in 08.30 and closes at 17.00 o'clock. In the flow of day studying is give three meal per day. Their Uniforms.




           Let's talk about your school

Now,I read the text page on 111 "Our school”. We must translate  this is text.


Exercise 2. complete the sentences

1. our school is located far from the centre town.

2. if you come to our school you will see a large school yard around it and sports ground behind the school.

3. Our school has got three floors.

4. the primary classes are located on the ground floor.

5. our home assignment in Maths and English were very difficult.

6. If you look around the library hall you will see many portraits of famous writers and actors

7. the pupils like to go to gymnasium because they like sport games

8. The class rooms for secondary forms and computer  rooms for pupils are located on the first and the second floors.

9. English  is the most widespread in the world


exercise 3. Say in English.

1.If you  come to our  school you will  see a wide school yard around it and a sports ground behind the school.

2. The primary school on the ground floor.

3. Kazakh,Russian and English class-rooms on the second and therd floor.

4. English – widespread language in the world.


exercise 5. put the correct places

1 When we came to school we saw a wide school yard around it and a sports ground behind it

2. There are several class-rooms on the ground floor

3. Some portraits of famous writers were on the walls of the office.

4. Every pupil learns one of  foreign languages

   5. English is the most widespread language in the world

edxercise 6. Write a letter about your school to your pen-friend abroad.






IV. Conclusion


School in Kazakhstan

School in England

















Now,let’s sing the song about school

Our school is very nice

Our school is very light

There are many, there are many teachers here


They are teaching us to read

They are teaching us to write

They are teaching.  3


Our school is very nice

Our school is very light

There are many, there are many teachers here,

They are teaching us to know

More and more from books at school

They are teaching 3




V. Giving marks



VI. Giving hometask





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