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1. Translate this words in English
Insomnia Зубная боль
Cough Живот
Chest Грипп
Lungs Глаз
Examine Зуб
Head Нога
Shoulder Больной

2. Write what people should do when the have:
A toothache - ____________________________________________________________________
A headache - ____________________________________________________________________
Flu - ____________________________________________________________________

3. Imagine you are giving advice about diet and fitness. Write two lists
You should. You shouldn't

4. Put these sentences in two columns:
You must You mustn't

1. Be late for the lessons
2. Wear a uniform
3. Smoke
4. Bring mobile phone
5. Be quiet in the classroom
6. Chew chewing gums
7. Do your homework on time
8. Make a noise during the lesson
9. Stand up when a teacher comes into the classroom
10. Keep your classroom tidy

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