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The political system of Great Britain
08.04.2017 1310 262 Sarbassova Fatima Irtysovha

The 11th grade. Theme: The political system of Great Britain.
1) educational
- to introduce the topic “Political systems”, help pupils to get information about the political system of Great Britain.
- to develop reading skills and critical thinking
2) developing
-to stimulate the developing of the skills of reading
- to help the developing of the psychological processes( memory, mind, imagination, attention)
3) up bringing
- to up bring the interest to the history foreign countries
- upbringing of the child`s personality
- forming of the positive motivation toward the studying of English
- forming of the intellectual working skills

Equipment: textbooks, computer with multimedia projector, hooked on phonics 1st grade level 2, lesson 3, multimedia board and slide presentation “Political system of GB”
Procedure of the lesson
Stages and time management Teacher`s activity Pupils` activity and form of interaction
I.Organization moment (2-3 min) Greetings, everyday conversation with pupils on duty. Greet and answer the teacher`s questions.
II. Phonetic drill(3 min) Reading - hooked on phonics 1st grade level 2, lesson 3 Look, listen and read all together
III. Speaking brainstorming (10 min) Questions at p/109(83-old books), #1 Speak , express their opinions
V. Reading and speech practice
(15 min) Gives task to read the texts about the political system of GB and make questions to it. Read and work in pairs.
VI. Production (5 min) Checks the questions, help to make (for low pupils) Pupils ask the other pairs questions, listen to the answers.
VII. Fixing the information (10 min) Slide presentation “Political system of GB” teacher suggests compare the information of the slides with the text to develop pupils` critical thinking. Watch and read, compare with the text
VII. Reflexing and home task Home task –#5, p.111-113 Estimation for the work and explanation of the marks given. Listen, write down into the record books
Self-estimation and reviewing of the lesson`s main material.

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