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Trains Lesson Plan
08.04.2017 841 282 Сарбасова Фатима Иртысовна

Theme: Trains (2)
9th form
Aims: 1) Consolidation of the pupils` knowledge and reading skills on the topic “ Travelling”
2) develop pupils` reading skills on the topic “Trains ”
3) Consolidation and developing the grammar skills in the theme “ Articles with the
geographical names”.
Visual aids: Presentations on PC “When is the next train”, “Articles with the geographical names”, cards with phonetic drill words, answer sheets for the listening.

Procedure of the lesson:
1 The pupil’s on duty report and Phonetic drill- hooked on phonics 1st grade level2, lesson 6
2 Reading:
Pupils read and answer the questions on the home task text “The orient express” p.123

3. Presentation of the topic- Today we shall speak about trains and articles with geographical names
Presentation on PC “ The articles with the geographical names” and completing the tasks on cards

We don’t need any articles before the names of
BUT there are some exceptions:
1. We useTHE with some names with the words republic, kingdom, union, federation, states (the Russian Federation, the United States of America)
2. the Netherlands (Нидерланды - мн.число);
3. the Hague (город Гаага - исключение)
4. the Ukraine (государство Украина – исключение)
After the presentation pupils do cards on the grammar theme.

5. Ending of the lesson. Reflex ion, home task № 1, p126
cards on the articles.

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