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1 Which bus should I take? ___ bus. They all go downtown.
A Some B Any C A few
2 There are ___ words in the composition. That’s not enough.
A few B a few C much
3 I wouldn’t visit that place. There isn’t ___ to see there.
A many B much C a lot of
4 There are ___ homeless people in our country.
A much B a little C a lot of
5 ___ animals are allowed at this hotel.
A Little B Much C No
6 Mike hasn’t finished his dinner yet. There’s still ___ soup in his plate.
A a little B many C any
7 Are you going to take ___ things with you to the resort?
A much B many C a little
8 Can you give us ___ information about this computer?
A a few B many C some
9 It would be nice of you to write ___ words to your granny.
A any B a few C a little
10 There has been ___ snow recently.
A little B many C few
11 I’ve got ___ idea what to do.
A any B no C a few
12 How ___ time do you need to finish your project?
A many B few C much
13 You can pay your bills at ___ bank.
A some B any C a few
14 There are ___ museums in our small town.
A few B little C any
15 You need to have ___ money to travel around the world.
A a lot of B a few C many
16 Are there ___ hotels in this area?
A a little B much C many
17 We have got ___ time before the meeting. Let’s check the documents.
A a little B few C a few
18 The road is almost empty. There are only ___ cars.
A few B a few C a little
19 Would you like ___ cheese on your toast?
A a few B any C some
20 ___ was done to change the situation.
A Many B Little C Few
21 Andrew hasn’t got ___ interest in biology.
A many B much C some
22 Everything is clear. We haven’t got ___ questions.
A any B some C much
23 There should be ___ secrets between real friends.
A little B much C no
24 Read the instructions, please. There are ___ important points to remember.
A a little B any C a few
25 Nancy has been to ___ theatres in London.
A much B a lot of C little

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