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поурочный план в 10 классе " Food for thought"
05.04.2017 1827 300 Сарбасова Фатима Иртысовна

Урок в 10 классе
Предмет: английский язык
Преподаватель: Сарбасова Ф.И.

Form 10
Lesson № 11
Theme Food for thought

To develop lexical and grammatical skills. To practice in Grammar: Infinitive and –ing form compared. To stimulate towards speaking English. To train in making a survey and making a list of suggestions. To develop abilities of team work.
Expected results Pupils will improve their lexical and grammatical skills while working at the topic. They will be able to compare Infinitive and –ing form. They will practice in making a survey and writing lists of suggestions to a problem. They will develop skills of team work.
Type of the lesson Combined lesson
Jigsaw reading, discussion, group work, elements of critical thinking
Grammar presentation
Stages of the lesson
Teacher’s actions
Pupils’ actions
I. Org. moment
2 Checking the readiness of the class
Greet teacher.
3 Checks pupils’ home work

II. Control of home task
III. Call phase
1.Divides pupils in two groups and asks to complete the diagram “Healthy food” and “Unhealthy food”
2. Offers to discuss questions and answer them in groups (Bloom’s Taxonomy): Are you healthy? Do you eat things that are good for you? What do you think: do you ever eat too much/ too little? Discuss in groups and complete the diagrams; discuss the questions and answer them.

IV. Anticipatory assignment: making a survey One student was given an anticipatory task: to have a class survey about pupils’ attitude towards eating chocolate. The student reports about the results of the survey

V. Comprehension phase. Basic part 3 Formulates the problem: introduces with the letter to a teenage magazine and asks to read the letter and do group work: discuss and make a list of suggestions to Mary. Read the letter in groups and discuss the problem and make a list of suggestions to Mary. Example: She shouldn’t have worried about putting on a little weight.

VI. Jigsaw reading 10 Gives tasks to groups: Gr. 1 – to read the text Ex. 6; gr. 2 – to read the text “Unusual food” Ex. 10 1.Read the texts in groups, check the meaning of the new words in the texts.
2.Work in “Moving groups”: 2 pupils from each group exchange places and talk to other group about the information from the texts.
3. Do the grammar task: find the sentences with Gerunds and Infinitve from the texts and write them down

VII. Written practice: method of “Unfinished sentences” 7 Gives the task: Complete the sentences: I’d hate eating …
I couldn’t imagine eating …
I’d enjoy eating … Do the task individually
VIII .Conclusion.

Reflection 4 Asks to make a reflection of the lesson Complete the sentences :
During today’s lesson I have:
got acquainted …
Found out …
Learnt …
Remembered …

Then they complete self- assessment table

VIII. Home task 2 Ex. 11, 12
Write home task in the dairies

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