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ксп Tours you will never forget – Project work 9 класс
06.02.2017 2022 365 Танирбергенова Айнур Болатовна

Танирбергенова Айнур Болатовна 9 -сынып бойынша қысқа мерзімді сабақ жоспары Date: Grade: 9 Lesson: 42 The theme of the lesson Tours you will never forget – Project work p.133 Aims To help students talk about movies . work with the new words Present Indefinite Active/Passive. Degrees of Comparison. The Superlative degree.Special questions. Would/ Should / Have to. Conditionals. The Gerund. Present Indefinite/Present Continuous. Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous, word formation Past Perfect Passive and Active To develop students’ reading and listening skills. To develop students’ communication skills. To develop students’ debating skills. The learner will: research information about movies .discuss and make a commitment to improve it. Focus Reading, speaking, writing and listening in English Language Teaching. Teaching results Students learn about movies and analyze. Main ideas Movies Time Teacher’s activity Student’s activity Resources 3 minutes Greeting. Make up a dialogue. Psychological training Greeting. 5 minutes Brainstorming Check the h/w Speaking. In pairs discuss the questions Do corrections Students book 4 minutes Pronunciation. Phonetic drill exercises. Vocabulary of Unit 5 “Travelling” Students will pronounce all the new words after the teacher. ICT. 7 minutes The theme of our lesson is “ Tours you will never forget – Project work ” Today we are going to read texts and make project Task 1 Vocabulary work – 10 min ask to match the words and definitions 1) trip- go somewhere, usually for a short time and come back 2)voyage- a long journey, especially by ship, or in space 3)journey- a long journey by bus, train 4)travel- the activity of travelling Students book, copybook Writing paper and pencils 15 minutes. Task 2 -5 min ask to match the words to the sentences Variant I 1. A ___ is a short journey, voyage or tour, for either business or pleasure. 2. The ____ to the North Pole that was to have been for three years terminated at the end of six months 3. You can ____ by train, by bus, by plane, by ship or in a car, and finally you can go on foot. 4. Christopher Columbus made many discoveries during his long sea ______. Variant II 1. A _____ is a trip of considerable length, wholly or mainly by land. 2. In 1912, the Titanic hit an iceberg on its first ____ across the Atlantic, and it sank four hours later. 3. A ____ to the country will take no more than an hour and a half. 4. Jack Kerouac wrote many books about his _____. Variant III 1. The ____ to Spain will not take more than three weeks. 2. An early meaning of _________ was "the distance that a person can travel in one day". 3. Sea ____ can be very exciting, provided you are not seasick. 4. ____ was long and dangerous in the past. Students book, copybook mutual test Variant I 1)trip 2)journey 3)travel 4)voyages Variant II 1)journey 2) voyage 3) trip 4) travels Variant III 1) journey 2)trip 3) voyages 4)travel ( 4 points) Total-10 points “5”-10-9 “4”-8-7 “3”-6-5 7 minutes Project work (poster, claster and so on) Your travel trip Papers . markers 4 minutes Reflection CAF (Consider All Factors). Жан-жақты факторларды қарастыр: In groups pupils could fill out the Consider All Factors template. They may wish to use the Two Stars and a Wish strategy as a means of peer assessment Postcards. Markers. A minute. Assessments. FIST-TO-FIVE The teacher will give marks to the students for their activity at the lesson. Students will say their wishes to each other. Evaluation of students by their activities at the lesson. Two stars, one wish. Home work: Write an essay “My Dream Vacation”

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