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Открытый урок по английскому языку в 7 классе по теме «Parents and children»
02.12.2016 970 340 Ержанова Гульнур Сарсенбаевна

Цели урока.

1. Контроль сформированности навыков аудирования, чтения, говорения и письма.

2. Совершенствование грамматических навыков по теме «Сложное дополнение».

3. Закрепление изученной лексики по теме «Parents and children».

Оборудование урока.

1. Оформление доски: тема урока, карикатура на тему «Конфликт поколений», ключевые слова для составления рассказа.

2. Аудиокассета с текстом для аудирования и магнитофон.

3. Учебные карточки с текстами, тестами по аудированию и письменными заданиями на контроль грамматических навыков.

Ход урока.

1. Организационный момент.

Hello! Sit down, please. Today we’ll do many different exercises to control your knowledge of the topic “Parents and children”.

2. Работа с текстом.

We begin with reading. You have texts on your desks. Let’s read and translate the text “Relationships between parents and children”.( См. приложение № 1)

Answer my questions:

Is the author of the text a girl or a boy ? Why do you think so ?
Does she get on with her mother well ?
How does the girl’s mother help her ?
What does the girl do at home ?
What are your relationships with your parents ?
What are your household duties ?
Do you have problems with your parents ?
Do your parents help you with advice ?

3. Контроль домашнего задания.

And now say, if you are a good daughter or a son ? It was your homework. Let’s check it up. (Монологическое высказывание по теме “I try to be a good son / daughter”. )

4. Аудирование.

Do you sometimes go with your family for a picnic ? Now you will listen to the story about it. You have tests on your desks. Listen to the text and choose the correct answer. ( См. приложении № 2)

And now let’s check up your answers.

5. Составление рассказа по картинке и ключевым словам.

You said that there may be problems with parents. It’s true. Sometimes parents and children cannot understand each other. Look at the caricature on the blackboard. Whom do you see on it ? Read the key words : make yourself, goods by mail, to offer, the main idea, different generations. Make up a story using these words. You have three minutes. (См. приложение № 3)

Примерный рассказ.

The father decided to present to his son a book “Make yourself” and offered to do something together. But his son isn’t used to do anything with his own hands and he offered better to buy everything they need choosing goods from the magazine “Goods by mail”. The main idea of this caricature is that different generations have different lifestyles. Modern children don’t want to make anything with their own hands if they can buy it.

6. Работа с учебными карточками (контроль лексико-грамматических навыков).

And the last task today is also about relationships with parents. Look at it on the sheets of paper. You must complete the sentences. ( См. приложение № 2)
And now tell me your answers.

7. Подведение итогов урока.

1) Выводы по уроку. Выставление оценок.

Your work today was good. It was interesting for me to listen to you. I give you the following marks … .

2) Домашнее задание.

Your homework is ex. Е р.126 (упражнение в учебнике).

The lesson is over. Good-bye.

Текст для аудирования.

My name is Tony. Last Saturday I went for a picnic at the beach with my family. My mother drove the car. My father has bought a new CD player for the car so we listened to music and sang songs while we were driving to the beach. When we arrived my little sister made a sand castle and I went for a swim in the sea. I didn’t stay in the water long. It was too cold. At 1 my father took the sandwiches out of the car and we had lunch. In the afternoon I played beach volley with some other kids. It was fun. We went back home at 6 o’clock. We had a lovely day.

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