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Kazakhstan is my Motherland
06.05.2016 3087 539 Дузелбаева Гульжан Унайбаевна

The 5th of December
Revision Lesson
[size=14][size=11]Kazakhstan is my Motherland
The aims of the lesson:
educational: to enrich pupils' knowledge about Kazakhstan, to teach to work creatively, to educate the respect and interest in different countries
developing: to develop pupils' habits and skills in speaking, listening and reading, writing
bringing up: to bring up pupils to be patriots of their motherland, to love their country and to make great efforts in the development of the country.

[size=14]Checking up the hometask: [/size]
Graphical test (answers - yes, no)
1. Is London the capital of the UK?
2. Is London the capital of France?
3. Is it situated on the both banks of the river Thames?
4. Is London one of the largest cities in Asia?
5. Is its population about 16 million?
6. Is its population about 8 million?
7. Is London traditionally divided into several parts?
8. Is the East End populated by working class families?
9. Is the City heart of London?
10. Is the West End the most beautiful part of London?

1. Where is the Republic of Kazakhstan situated?
2. How many people are there in our country?
3. What is the official language of the country?
4. Who is the head of our country?
5. Which holiday do people celebrate on the 16th of December?
6. Who is the head of our government?
8. Names of our cosmonauts.

Complete the table with your own ideas:
Place to visit:
National Food:
Musical Instruments:
National Costumes:
National Games:

Comprehension check
Comprehension check True (T) False (F)
A. Kazakhstan is the ninth country in the world
B. The country is situated in Europe
C. Its population is about 50 million people
D. Kazakhstan doesn’t share its border with China
E. The official language is Kazakh
F. There are 14 regions in our Republic

Make the sentences complete, using the words below.
1. Kazakhstan is situated in ________________.
2. Our republic is ________________ state.
3. The President of Kazakhstan is ________________.
4. There are ________________ regions in the territory of Kazakhstan.
5. The largest river in Kazakhstan is ________________.
6. Astana is a ________________ center in our republic.
7. The state languages of our republic is ________________.
8. Almaty is a ________________ center in our republic.

Cultural, Asia, independent, Kazakh, capital, nineteen, Nazarbaev, Irtysh

1. What is the capital of Kazakhstan?
a) Almaty b) Akmola c) Astana
2. Who is the head of the state?
a) President b) khan c) prime-minister
3. Where is Kazakhstan situated?
a) Europe b) Australia c) Central Asia
4. What is the area of Kazakhstan?
a) 1 546 000 square km b) 6 546 000 square km c) 2 753 000 km
5. When is Nauryz celebrated?
a) in December b) in March c) in February
6. With what country dosn't Kazakhstan share its border?
a) China b) Russia c) France
7. When was Akmola renamed Astana?
a) in 1997 b) in 1998 c) in 1999
8. What is the official language in Kazakhstan?
a) Russian b) English c) Kazakh
9. For what have Kazakhs used falcons?
a) meat b) hunting c) playing
10. When is the Independence Day celebrated?
a) on the 16th of Dec. b) on the 22nd of March c) on the 9th of March
11. What colour is the state flag?
a) blue and yellow b) blue and white c) red and yellow
12. Where is Ahmed Yassaui mausoleum situated?
a) Almaty b) Turkestan c) Shymkent

"Critical Thinking"
Each team asks questions to each other

What do these numbers mean?
16 December, 30 August, 1991, 22nd March, 6 July, 1st December

Make up a Cinquain on the word "Motherland"

To write a letter to your foreign friend about Kazakhstan

Thank you very much!

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