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Health is wealth
21.04.2016 1607 431 Mukayeva Moldir Baurzhamkyzy

Class: 7 “А,Б”
Theme: “Health is wealth”.
Aims of the lesson:
1. To develop students’ reading, listening and speaking skills.
2. To teach students to talk about health habits and healthy life of life/
3. To enrich students’ vocabulary on the topic.
4. Presentation of projects.
Visual aids: slides, cards, posters.
The procedure of the lesson:
1. Organization moment.
Good morning, children! Today at our lesson we’ll revise all the new words and word combinations, expressions on the theme “Health”. And at the end of the lesson you’ll present your projects.

2. Warm-up. You know, there is nothing more important than health. As everybody is responsible for his health and well-being we must take good care of our health. And what do you associate with health?
Students answers
Hospital, sport, doctor, disease, tablet, medicine, patient, illness, pill, treatment.
OK, as you know our health depends on many factors, but it mainly depends on habits we have. The habits may be good or bad. Now I’d like you to look at the board.

3. These are some health habits people usually have. Look through them firsi and say which of them are good habits.
-eating meals regularly
-walking in the open air
-going to bed in time
-getting up early
-cleaning teeth
-washing hands before and after eating
-doing morning exercises
-going to bed late
-sleeping too much
-eating too much
-drinking alcohol
Now look at the screen again and name the good habits only and then the bad habits.
So, children what good habits do you have?
Students’ answers.

4. Bad habits have bad effects on our health, and they cause many illnesses. Now look at the screen and say what’s wrong with these children?
1. He’s got a sore throat.
T: Do you go to the doctor when you have a sore throat?
S: No, I don’t. I use a home remedy.
2. He’s got a stomachache.
T: What does he have to do?
S: He has to go to the doctor.
3. She’s got a toothache.
T: What do you do when you have a toothache?
S: I go to the dentist.
4. She’s got a cold.
T: What are the symptoms of a cold?
S: High temperature, sneesing, a sore throat
5. He’s got a headache.
T: What treatment can you suggest him?
S: To take a tablet for a headache.

5. So, when people are not well they need a help of a doctor. Now you’ll work with the computer. You should read and choose a suitable word to the definitions.

6. Now you’ll listen to the text “Medicine for a headache”
After listening the text studens answer the questions:
1. Why do people go to the chemist’s?
2. What did the man want to get at the chemist’s?
3. What did the man do?
4. Did the man have a headache?
5. Who had a headache?

7. Now you’ll work in pairs. You should read the situations and make up dialogues. You are given two minutes to prepare.

8. As you know doing nothing is doing ill. Spending your free time for useful things you’ll be able to avoid bad habits. And one of the healthy pastimes is doing sports.
Now you’ll read a short text about sport.
So, what is sport? What does it give us?
Students’ answers:
-Sport builds people to stay in a good shape.
-Sport helps people to stay in a good shape
-Sport makes us strong, fast and patient
- Sport helps people to keep in a good health
-Sport helps people to become good friends

T: The most popular sports with teenagers are football, volleyball, boxing, wrestling, judo and carate.
And do you go in for sports ?
What’s your favourite sport ?
S: My favourite sport is football.
T: What sport do you like to do Akerke ?
What about you Aigerim /
What sport are you good at Erseit ?

9. Now it s time for you to present your projects on theme « How to be healthy ? »
We have three groups.
The first group will speak about smoking habits.

« Smoking habits »
-Smoking is a harmful habit.
-Smoking is a bad for your brain and eyesight.
-Any form of addiction is unhealthy.
-Smoking is dangerous for your health..

So, why do teenagers smoke?
- They start smoking because they think it’s a pleasure
- Overweight teenagers think smoking helps them to lose weight.
- They smoke because they don’t want to study
- They think its cool.
- They think they look grown –ups.
- They think it’s a relaxing and calming activity.
- They want to be different.

Smoking has bad effects on the people’s health and they cause many illnesses.
Smoking causes chronic bronchitis, heart disease, headache, giddiness, lung
сanсer, asthma, bad eyesight.

We mustn’t spend time for nothing.
How do you spend your free time?
- I play football with my friends.
- I like reading books.
- I help my mum about the house. And you Nurzhan?
- I like watching TV and listening to music.

So, you should remember:
- Smoking is harmful to non-smokers too.
- Smoking is harmful for your health.
- It difficult to get rid of a dangerous habit.
- You shouldn’t smoke to be healthy.
Just say « No » to smoking!

10. The second group: “ Eating habits”
A: Food is a form of fuel. It gives us energy, helps us to grow. Eating the proper food is important to stay healthy.
B: These are five basic types of food a person should eat: meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, bread, fats and sugar.
A: Meat groups: meat, eggs, chicken, fish, sausages. Meat helps you have a strong and healthy body by providing protein.
B: Milk group: ice-cream, cheese, milk, sour-cream, cottage cheese. Dairy products build strong teeth and bones by providing calciuv.
A: Fruit and vegetables group: orange, apples, carrots, corn, cabbage, juice. Fresh fruit and vegetables help you have healthy gums, good eyesight by providing vitamins.
B: Bread, cereal group: cereal, spaghetti, bread give us energy by providing protein, iron and several vitamins.
A: Fats and sugars are fast sources of energy.
So, you should eat a variety of food to keep fit.
While eating it’s important to follow these rules:
-Wash your hands before coming to the table.
- Avoid talking when you have something in your mouth.
-Only talk about nice things at the table.
-If you sneeze or cough cover your mouth.
-Never read while eating
-Wash your hands after eating
- Don”t forget to say “Thank you”
-Too little food makes you thin
-Too much food makes you fat
-The wrong food makes you ill
-The right food keeps you well.

11. The third group: “Home remedies”

When people have a minor health problem they usually go to the doctor or they get some medicine from the chemist’s. But many people also use home remedies for common illnesses. Here are some simple home remedies:
A: When you have a cold and cough take a peeled onion, slice it and put it in the bowl and pour some hot milk. Take the mixture three times a day before eating. It really works.
-What treatment can you suggest for a fever?
B: if you have a fever prepare a mixture of vinegar and a glass of warm water. And rub it on your chest. You’ll be better soon.
-Shalkar, what do you do when you have a cold?
- I take a raddish, grate it and mix it with some honey. I take this mixture before eating three times a day.
I have a toothache. What can you advise me, Dana?
D: If you have a bad toothache take an onion and a garlic peel and grate them, add a little salt. Put it on your teeth. What treatment can you suggest for flu?
A: When you have flu your nose is running. A recipe for nose drops: mix together carrot juice with vegetable oil and garlic juice. Try to use them several times in the evening and you’ll be better the next day.
-We wish you good health. Take care of your health not to be ill!

12. So, you have presented your projects. Now I’d like you to express your opinions about the projects.
A: I think they have spoken well about smoking habits. People shouldn’t smoke to be healthy, because smoking causes many illnesses.
B: I liked the project of the 2nd group. Eating the proper food is very important to stay healthy.
C: They offered us some useful home remedies. They are very simple. And we can make them at home.
So everyone wants to be strong and healthy. And what should or shouldn’t you do to be healthy?
Students’ answers.
T: And what are the most important things that are good for our health?
-it’s a proper food.
-Regular check-ups
-Doing sports
-No bad habits
So, we have talked about health and health habits, and about what people should or shouldn’t do to be healthy.
You have worked very well today. I’m satisfied with your work.
The lesson is over. Good-bye!

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