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Разработка урока в 5 классе на тему:"What time is it?"
13.04.2016 1788 306 Дурняк Алёна Михайловна

Разработка урока в 5 классе на тему:"What time is it?"
Учитель английского языка Дурняк А.М.
Шевченковская основная школа
Класс: 5
The Outline.
I. The Theme:What time is it?
II. The aims of the lesson:-to teach speaking the time and asking the time;
-to form grammatical skills for making sentences;
-to develop the skills of dialogue speech;
-to improve lexical, grammatical skills framed of speech skills;
-to develop the pupils’ memory and attention;
-to develop skills taking about the theme;
-to form their interest for learning the culture of English countries;
-to develop the pupils’ outlook;
-to develop skills taking with adults and the children of the same age politely.
III. The type of the lesson: combined.
IV. The materials of the lesson: poem, game, cards, table (with clocks), blackboard, pupils’ books, copy books, dictionaries…
V. The Literature: Ajapova, Ukbaev
1. Greeting. - Good afternoon, pupils!
- I’ m glad to see you.
- How are you, dear children?
- What is the date today?
- Who is absent today?
2. Let’s check your home tasks.
3. Today at our lesson we’ll repeat the Vocabulary on the theme: “Colours”( it was the pupils’ home task).
Then we shall read and translate the poem: “Big Ben”, we shall learn talking the time, asking and answering the questions.
Let’s begin our lesson with your home tasks and repeat the words on the topic: “Colours”.
The task: look at the blackboard and join the parts to make words and then write down them.
yell whi vio bro en
let bla low ge blu
ck oran bei te wn
e ge gre gre y

4. I’d like to present a new theme: “What time is it?”
Do you hear about the most famous clock in England “Big Ben”? Look at the picture. This is Big Ben.

Listen to the poem:
Big Ben. «Биг Бен»
Tick – tock. Tick – tock, Tick – tock-тиканье часов
This is Big Ben Тик – так, тик - так
Big Ben is a clock. Это Биг Бен
Day and night Биг Бен – это часы
With all its might Днем и ночью
Big Ben, the clock, со своей мощью(изо всех сил)
Says: Tick – tock. Часы Биг Бен тикают.
5.Presentation of new Vocabulary:
Let’ read the words and practice their pronunciation.
a clock [klok]-часы
8 o’clock – часов
past [pa:st] – после
to – [tu:] - до, без
half – [ha:f] - половина
a quarter – [ kwotә] – четверть
Excuse me [iks ‘kju:z mi:]- извините, простите меня
anyway [‘eniwei] – во всяком случае, так или иначе

6. This is a table. Please, look at it.
And you learn how you can answer the question:
What time is it?

There are several clocks. What numbers do you see? They are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve (12 numbers).
And we see two hands: minute hand (it shows the minutes) and hour hand (it shows an hour). Please pay attention to minute hand.
From 1-30 we can use the preposition “past”, from 31-60 we can use the preposition “to”.
It’s a quarter past twelve.
It’s a quarter to twelve.
It’s a quarter to ten.
It’s ten past eleven.
It’s ten to seven.
It’s half past two.
7. Fixation of the theme: “What time is it?
Open the books Ex 2, page 61.Write the next time:
9.00 10.30 11.45 9.15 10.50
09.25 11.05 12.10 9.35 12.30
8. Warm up
Oliver- Oliver- Oliver Twist
Look at me and then try this:
Number one - touch your tongue.
Number two – touch your shoe.
Number three – touch your knee.
Number four – touch the floor.
Number five – stay alive.
Number six – touch your lips.
Oliver- Oliver- Oliver Twist
Look at me and then try this.
9. Let’s read the dialogue and translate.
10. The game “Interview”:
Role play it. One pupil will ask the question: Excuse me. What time is it?
The other pupil will answer it using time which written on a card. (The teacher gives the cards the pupils with the time).
11. Let’s conclude our lesson. The teacher shows the time and the pupils should say : Example: What time is it? (8.00)(The teacher asks)
It is 8 o’clock. (The pupil answers)
12. Today you all have taken an active part in our lesson. I want give you the next marks….
13. Write your home tasks, please:
Ex 5,8 pages 61-62.
Our lesson is over. Good bye!

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