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Календарно-тематическое планирование по английскому языку за 2 класс
08.11.2014 6673 1070 Джусупова Гульжихан Бакировна

ENGLISH -2 grade
№ Lesson date Letter combination vocabulary Grammar Listening comprehension
1 Greetings Kids, a pupil. I'm from England. Where are you from? Nice to meet you. Greetings. Verb
"to be” Track 1. greetings at school. Track 2. A new pupil. Track 3. Hello song.
2 My family The Parents, a mom, a dad, grandparents. Who is he/she Verb "to be”. Who is he? He is my brother. These are my parents. Track 4 My family. Track 5 Family song.
3 Happy birthday Th [θ] Birthday, a present, a balloon, a hat, a cake, a candle. Let's eat the cake. Verb "to be”. How old are you? I am 8 years old. Track 6 It's my birthday today. Track 7 New words. Track 8 Happy birthday to you!
4 Holidays in Kazakhstan [α:], [ɧ]
New Year, Nauryz, Victory Day, Astana day, a holiday, to have, to give, to go, to bring, a capital Present Simple. We go/have/sing etc. Track 9 Holidays in Kazakhstan.
5 Holidays in England Easter, Christmas, Queen's birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas tree, to color, spring, to watch parade, summer. Present Simple . We give/have/watch/sing etc. Track 10 Holidays in England. Track 11 The poem.

Unit 2. Professions
1 Professions oo- [u], [u:] A pilot, a cook, a doctor, a driver. I want to be a ... Present Simple. I want to be a ... Track 12 New words.
Track 13 The poem.
2 Professions Ow - [αu] A taxi -driver, a clown, a pianist, a vet, a policeman, a seller. Verb "to be”. This is my mother. She's a doctor./ My mother is a doctor. What is your mother/father? Track 14 My parent's professions
3 Professions Sh -[ʃ] A cleaner, to work, hard, rubbish, to throw. Present Simple. She works at school. Imperative: Don't throw rubbish Track 15 Aigerim apa
4 Let's play Revision progress test 1

2 term. Unit 3. Appearance
1 My body A head, a shoulder, a knee, a toe, a hand, a leg, left, right. Verb "to be” This is a/
These are ... Track 16 New words
2 My face A mouth, a nose, an eye, an ear, hair Verb "to be”
Grammar structure What's this?/What are these? Track 17 New words Track 18 Body song Track 19 What's this?
3 Look at me Black, brown, blonde, red (hair), long, short Present Simple. Description of appearance. He has blue eyes/short hair Track 20 New words Track 21 Guess who this is.

Unit 4. My friend's family.
1 My cousins Numbers 11-20. Again, a picture, a cousin, a student, to live, a singer Verb "to be” singular and plural. Present Simple. Track 22 Numbers 11-20
Track 23 My cousins Track 24 Numbers song Track 25 Guess who this is
2 Ben's family An aunt, an uncle, a family tree Possessive case Track 26 Ben's family tree. Track 27 Anar's family tree.
3 Christmas with Ben Stockings all, for, Father Frost, Snow Maiden. Verb "to be”. Present Simple. Possessive case. Track 28 Christmas in England Track 29 New Year in Kazakhstan
4 Let's play Revision progress test 2

3 term. Unit 5. Hobbies
1 Sport Ck - [k] Hockey, football, skating, basketball Present Simple. I like/ I don't like Track 30 New words Track 31 Sport song Track 32 I like sport
2 Chess is a sport too ee- ea [I:] Chess, a champion, to run, to jump, to meet Present Simple. She runs. She doesn't run Track 33 Meet Bibissara Track 24 Choose
3 Sport A mountain, mountain climbing, popular, cycling, boxing, rugby, tennis, badminton, national Verb "to be”. Present Simple Track 35 Sport in Kazakhstan Track 36 Sport in England
4 Games Oy – oi [ᴐi] Tag hide-and-seek, leap-frog, asyks Present Simple. Do you play tag? Yes, we do./ No, we don't Track 37 Games

Unit 6. My house
1 My house ou A house, a floor, a garden, small, old, new, a window, a door There is …/ There are ... Track 38 My house Track 39 The poem
2 Rooms in my house -(t)ch[tʃ] A living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, to sleep, a dining room, a bedroom, to watch TV, welcome There is …/ There are ... Track 40 Welcome to my house
3 Our living room ng[ŋ] Art, a wall, reading, pictures There are/ There aren't Track 41 Our living room
4 My room [m], [z] On the right, on the left, near, above Prepositions of place Track 42 Prepositions Track 43 My room
5 Unusual houses High, an igloo, a snow house, warm, a yurt, traveling Verb "to be”. There is/isn't, are/ aren't Track 44 Unusual houses Track 45 House song
6 Let's play Revision Progress test 3

4 term. Unit 7. Food and drinks
1 Food and drinks Cat-Kate[æ]-[ei] Chocolate, yogurt, bread, butter, jam, biscuit, milk, cheese Revision of Present Simple(positive and negative form) Track 46 New words Track 47 Do you like …? Track 48 Food song.
2 Does he like tea? Pet-Pete [e]-[i:] A lemon, a kiwi, an orange, a banana, tea, honey, to drink Present Simple Does he like tea? Yes, he does/ No, he doesn't Track 49 Does he like tea?
3 I want an apple id- kite
[i]-[ai] Soup, salad, pizza, juice, lemonade, a sandwich Countable and uncountable nouns, some- a/an Track 50 New words Track 51 I want some/a
4 Would you like some soup? Not- no
[ᴐ]- [ᴐu] Would you like... I am full. Here you are. Wash, me too Would you like some soup? Yes, please/No, thank you Track 52 Would you like some soup?

Unit 8. Shopping
1 Numbers Cut-cute
[˄]-[ju:], [u:] Number 10-100 How much is …? Track 53Number 10-100 Track 54 How much is the bread?
2 At the shop Here you are. To help, fish, heavy, busy. Can I have some? Can you help me? Yes, I can./ No, I can't. Track 55 Can you help me?
3 Shopping for vegetables A tomato, a potato, a cucumber, a carrot How much are the potatoes? They are 50 tenge. Tomato -tomatoes Track 56 New words Track 57 Do you want to buy...? Track 58 At the greengrocer's
4 Let's play To be over soon, next. Have good summer holidays Revision Progress test 4 Track 59 Goodbye, school! Track 60 Summersong.

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