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The theme of the lesson: Sport in Kazakhstan and in my life
23.05.2015 3872 0 Турумтаева Алия Сериковна

The objectives of the lesson : 
Educational: to enrich student`s knowledge about the theme. 
Practical: to practical their reading and to check their pronunciation 
Developing: to develop students reading and listening comprehension 
Cultural: to enrich student`s outlook about hobbies 
The type of the lesson: reading , writing , work with card, work with interactive board 
Equipment : text book, sentence cards, read and translates 
Organization moment Good morning, children! How are you today? 
Who is on duty today? Who is absent today? 
What date is it today? 
Warm-up Let`s start our lesson. The theme of our lesson is Sport in Kazakhstan and in my life 
Presentation Open your books at p 21 ex.1 Read and discuss the text. 
Practice p.22 Answer the questions 
1.What does sport help people to do? 
2. What sports are popular in the Republic of Kazakhstan? 
3. Where can amateurs go in for sports? 

Ex.3 Listen to the dialogue, then read it. Answer the questions 
Why does Mike think that it will be easy for the other team to win the game? 
Why does Peter think it won`t be so easy for the other team to win? 
Ex .5 Make up your own dialogue with your partner. 
Work in groups of 3 or 4. Read the text and discuss the questions 

Reading P.20ex.6 Say what a person will be doing at a definite future moment 

Checking homework p.20 ex.7 Correct the false sentences 
Reflexion What have you learnt today?