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№49 Сабақтың тақырыбы: Going to Britain
25.11.2014 3460 0

Сабақтың мақсаты:                                                                  

Қазақстан туралы жаңа мәтінмен жұмыс

істеу, сөйлеуге үйрету

Тілін оқып жатқан мемлекетті

құрметтеуге тәрбиелеу

Есте сақтау қабілетін дамыту

Сабақ әдісі:         Сұрақ-жауап

Сабақ типі:        Аралас

Көрнекілігі:        карта

Пән аралық байланыс:           Қазақ  тілі


Сабақ барысы:


       А) амандасу

      Б) жоқтарды белгелеу

II. Үй жұмысын тексеру

Exercise 6

III. оқушылардың білімін жан-жақты тексеру

Сұрақ-жауап жұмысы

What money can you use in Britain?

Where can you stay when you are in Britain?

How can you get around in Britain?

Where can you get a cheap meal in Britain?

IV. Сабақтың тақырыбымен, мақсаттарымен таныстыру.

  Our theme in our lesson is "Going to Britain”                                       

V.Жаңа сабақ

Exercise 7 Read the text  "Going to Kazakhstan” and answer the questions

It you come to Kazakhstan to relax, for entertainment, at weekends and on holidays you have a rich choice of places to relax.

In summer people can sunbathe at Kapchagai reservoir or climb mountains; go to Issyk-Kul Lake which is in Kirghizstan or skate on Medeu. Some people prefer playing tennis, swimming or strolling in gardens and parks; some like to relax at resorts located around Almaty. Winter season offers skiing at the Shimbulak ski baze and skating on the Medeu skating rink or hiking in the mountains. Various festivals are constantly held in the republic featuring modern pop stars, classical music artists and ballet dancers. Numerous theatres, concert halls and cinemas offer entertainment. At night city life doesn't tail away: many restaurant, casinos and discotheques are open.


Сұрақ-жауап жұмысы

What money can you use in Kazakhstan?

Where can you stay when you are in Kazakhstan?

How can you get around in Kazakhstan?

Where can you get a cheap meal in Kazakhstan?


Exercise 7d Write a short paragraph about Kazakhstan?

Money ---------------------------------------

Where to stay ------------------------------

      Getting around ----------------------------

      Eating out----------------------------------


Exercise 9 Read and translate

I want to know English well. I must work hard.

Oh, it’s later than  I thought. I must hurry now.

You have to wear glasses, granny.

VIII. Үйге тапсырма                                              

 Exercise 13