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1-сабақ Азық – түліктер
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Сабақтың атауы

1-сабақ Азық – түліктер


Тақырыптық күнтізбелік жоспар, сабақ жоспары, оқулықтан алынған материал (папка: ресурстар)


Сабақ барысы

Checking up the home task

What was your home task?  Do have any questions?

Who is ready? Is there any volunteers?

Warm up

There was a fisherman named Fisher
who fished for some fish in a fissure.
Till a fish with a grin,
pulled the fisherman in.
Now they're fishing the fissure for Fisher.

Read and Remember

Look at the words and use dictionary and you may check their meaning

A Vocabulary quiz: Give your partner a vocabulary quiz. Follow the stages.

Stage 1 Think of ten words and write quiz questions like these:

The first letter is…/How do you spell…? /What is …in English?

 Knife  пышақ

Fork    шанышқы

Spoon  қасық

Glass   шыны

Tomato           помидор

Egg     жұмыртқа

Milk    сүт

Water  су

Cabbage          капуста

Cheese            сыр

Carrot  сәбіз

Change           ауыстыру

Sugar   қант

Peach шабдалы

Listen and repeat

Jane:   Thank you, Anna. That was

a nice lunch. Anna: It was my pleasure. Would

you like some ice cream? Jane:   Oh! No, thank you. Anna: Don't you like ice cream? Jane: Yes, but I'm full. Anna: Are you sure? It's no trouble. Jane:  Thank you. I can't eat another bite.

Exercise 3. Talk to your partner.

Would you like          

No, thank you. I        

Grammar Structure

Would you like…, to be on a diet, hungry, full, allergic to, some, any,


Exercise 1-11 page 146



Exercise 12 page 149



Home work

Сурет салу