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внеклассное мероприятие
20.04.2017 603 147 Максимова Светлана Николаевна

Theme: London
Materials for the lesson: cards with exercises, pictures with views of London, slides with exercises and pictures.
Objectives: The students will be able to:
- tell about London as a capital of Great Britain;
- use definite and indefinite articles;
- speak about sightseeing of London and describe them.
Procedure of the lesson
a) The speech with the students.
Answer the questions:
Good morning, students! Glad to see you. How are you?
What date is it today? What season is it now?
What is the weather like?
What is the weekday today?
You know a lot about Great Britain. Today we will talk about its capital. You will make a virtual tour to London.
Check –up home task
Before starting our tour you should control the home task.
A)Revise the words

1. London 16. part
2. Westminster 17. different
3. Stock Exchange 18. heart
4. Oxford street 19. financial centre
5. financial 20.goods
6. office 21. extend
7. hotel 22. area
8. restaurant 23. government
9. market 24. wealthy
10. capital 25. endless
11. large 26. attract
12. population 27. visitors
13. situated 28. poor
14. cover 29. rich
15. divide 30. Narrow

b) Answer the questions to the text. The students take the cards with questions and ask each other.
1. What can you say about London as the capital of Great Britain?
2. How many people live in London?
3. Where is London situated?
4. What is meant by Greater London?
5. What parts is London traditionally divided into?
6. What did you learn about the City?
7. How much does the City extend?
8. How many people work in the City?
9. How many people live there?
10. What is the West End?
11. What is the Westminster?
12. What is the East End?

I Presentation of the new materials
a) Good morning, students and guests!
Welcome to our round London sightseeing tour! London is situated in the south-east of England
on the river Thames. What is London ?There are more than one answer to this question .We can
say that it is one of the largest cities in the world. We can say that it is one of the world’s largest ports. We can point out that it is the capital of the United Kingdom. Today you will visit the most popular places of interest in London .
The most famous and popular places of interest in London are: The National Gallery, The Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, The House of Parliament, Big Ben, Hyde Park, Admirals Nelsons Column, Downing Street,10.
b) Revise the information about articles.
II Practice
a) Look at the pictures: it is thick, short and happy indefinite article a/an , and also thin, tall and bored definite article the.
Open the books page 128. Complete the sentences with definite or indefinite articles where necessary. Work in two groups, than control.
Right answers: 1) the 2) the, the, the, - 3) the, the 4) the 5) – 6) the 7) a, the 8) a
9) the 10) the 11) a, -, - 12) the, -
b) Look at the active board. Look at the words we are going to use. This are the most famous places of interest in London: St. Paul’s Cathedral, the national Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Admiral Nelson’s Column, The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Big Ben, Downing Street 10, Piccadilly Circus, London Zoo, Houses of Parliament, William the Conqueror, Sir Christopher Wren.
Work with the map of London. Look at the map of London.
First we…
will visit the Houses of Parliament and see Big Ben, next to it there is Westminster Abbey.
Then we …
will see Buckingham Palace but we won't visit it because the State Rooms of the Palace are open to the visitors in August and September.
Next we …
will come to Trafalgar Square and go to the National Gallery and see one of the finest collection of pictures and portraits in the world.After that we'll see the house where the Prime Minister lives.
Finally we …
will see Admiral Nelson's Column, go to Piccadilly Circus, visit St.Paul's
Cathedral and the Tower of London.
The teacher read the information about London sightseeing and show slides.
c) Choose the correct answer. Look at the slides and complete the sentences.
1.________is the work of the famous architect Sir Christopher Wren.
a) The chapel of King’s College
b) St. Paul’s Cathedral
c) Globe Theatre
2. For ______ years the building of St. Paul’s Cathedral.
a) 65
b) 45
c) 35
3. Admiral Nelson's Column is in
a) Hyde Park
b) Trafalgar Square
c) Downing Street
4.___________ lives in Buckingham Palace.
a) The Prime Minister
b) The Queen
c) A famous writer
5. Big Ben is the largest ________
a) tower
b) bridge
c) clock
Right answers:1) b 2) c 3) b 4) b 5) c
d) Match A with B
Right answers:
Speaker’s Corner Hyde Park
Downing Street The Prime Minister
Buckingham Palace Residence of Queen
The Tower of London William the Conqueror
Westminster Abbey 900 years old
St. Paul’s Cathedral Sir Christopher Wren
Assessment of the students
Today we have visited the most famous places of interest in London. I think you enjoyed your trip greatly and learned lot of interesting facts about London. All of you get good marks for the lesson.
Home task
Describe one of all sightseeing. Write an essay or make a poster.
Thank you for your activities. The lesson is over. Good bye!

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