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Презентация "English around the World"
16.02.2017 1099 352 Воропаева Татьяна Григорьевна

The theme of the lesson: “ English around the World and around us”.
The Epigraph: When you look at language under a microscope, you can see it changing almost as you watch it: words and phrases, pronunciation an rhythms change at astonishing speed”.
The historical development of the English language: Slides 5.6.7
Pay your attention to this information: 75% of all international business is written in English.
Nearly 50% of the companies communicate each other in English.
80% of all information in the world’s computers is in English.
English is used as a means to solve different world problems and it is the official language of many international organizations such as The United Nations.
English is used at international sport competitions, music festivals or some other international meetings.
Pick out the words that came from English:
Планета урок киллер мяч
прайс-лист спортсмен врач
секьюрити игрок финиш
рейтинг победа реалити- шоу
лифт погода книга передача
Pick out the words that came from English:
Народ пейджер вещь газета
Коттедж причина юзер глава
Менеджер презентация вера
Охранник группа дайвинг
Pick out the words that came from English:
учитель шоумен тема ток шоу
вопрос скейтборд задание сайт
общество пудинг
страна бизнес кастинг супермаркет
Language belongs to each of us. Everyone uses words. What is it about language that makes people so curious? The answer is that there is almost nothing in our lives that is not touched by language. We live in and by language. We all speak and we all listen. So we are all interesting in the origin of words, in how they appear and die.
The English language surrounds us like a sea, and like the waters of a deep sea it is mysteries. English is and has always been constantly changing. Some words die, some change their meanings and all the time new words appear in the language.

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