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Олимпиада для 11 класса
10.04.2017 681 220 Sarbassova Fatima Irtysovna

Английский язык, 11 класс
*Внимание! Во всех вопросах только один правильный ответ.

1. I … Mary tonight. We have already arranged it.
A) see
cool seeing
C) am seeing
D) will see

2. I think you … a doctor one day.
A) become
cool becomes
C) is becoming
D) will become

3. Look at the sky! It … a good day.
A) is going to be
cool is being
C) will be
D) is

4. He denied … the vase.
A) breaking
cool to break
C) break
D) broke

5. She insists … meeting next Sunday.
A) -
cool on
C) in
D) of

6. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.
A) That’s shocking!
cool No problem. Apology accepted.
C) Oh, it was nothing.
D) Cheer up! Things can’t be that bad!

7. We break … for the summer next week.
A) up
cool into
C) down
D) through

8. I am not keen … sport.
A) of
cool off
C) on
D) in

9. In my last job I … work from home if I wanted to.
A) were allowed to
cool could
C) need
D) needed

10. He made two films. … was successful.
A) Neither films
cool Neither of the film
C) Neither film
D) Neither of films

11. I’ve lost my bag! I’ve asked … , but … has seen it.
A) everywhere … nowhere
cool everybody … nobody
C) everything … nothing
D) nobody … everybody

12. I’ve never … . Have you?
A) a tattoo done
cool had a tattoo do
C) had done a tattoo
D) had a tattoo done

13. If I … younger, I … travel around the world.
A) were … would
cool am … would
C) was … will
D) were … will

14. I’ve never been to London before. … it a beautiful city?
A) Doesn’t
cool Don’t
C) Isn’t
D) Does

15. An urgent letter … all the parents.
A) sent to
cool was sent to
C) sent
D) send

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