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поурочный план Animal world in Kazakhstan
07.04.2017 1089 242 Сарбасова Фатима Иртысовна

Theme: Animal world in Kazakhstan.
Grade: 7th

1) educational
- to continue the topic “Fauna and flora of Kazakhstan and Great Britain”, teach the words: wolf, rabbit, fox, squirrel, monkey, tiger, elephant, rhino, snake, lizard, whale, red herring, rat.
- to introduce and fix the topical vocabulary, review the words: plant, tree, trunk, leaf, branches, birch, roots, bush, grass, flower, rose, tulip, snowdrops, dandelion, daisy
- to practice the grammar: Present Perfect- Past Simple- Present Perfect Continuous
2) developing
-to stimulate the developing of the listening skills
- to help the developing of the psychological processes( memory, mind, imagination, attention)
- develop reading and speaking skills.
3) up bringing
- upbringing of the respectful attitude towards the nature.
- forming of the positive motivation toward the studying of English.
- forming of the intellectual working skills.
Equipment: computer with multimedia projector, DVD interactive video “Hooked on phonics” first grade level 2, lesson 7, Cambridge electronic dictionary -2, section “Animals” – game, slide presentation “Riddles about animals”, pictures with animals

Procedure of the lesson
Stages and time management Teacher`s activity Pupils` activity and form of interaction
I.Organization (2)

Greetings , questions to the pupil on duty. Good morning boys and girls. Sit down please.
Look at the blackboard, please.
The theme of our lesson is “Animal world in Kazakhstan” Now, let’s continue our lesson.
1. Who is on duty today?
2. What is the date today?
3. What is the day today?
4. Who is absent today? Greet the teacher , answer the questions.
II. Phonetic drill(3 min) Shows the DVD interactive video “Hooked on phonics” first grade level2 , lesson 7, for developing phonetic and reading skills Look, listen and repeat all together
III. Checking the home work (5 min) What was your home task for today? Let’s check up your home task – Ex.11, 12 p.62, 63 Have you read the text about indoor plants? Are they beneficial to our health? Read about their plants, show the pictures.
IV. Warm-up (10 min)
(revision the words, developing reading comprehension) Slide presentation- “animals riddles” Look and listen, read the description and guess what animal it is.

V. Presentation and practice (15 min) 1) Today we shall take the theme “Animals in Kazakhstan”, but for the first I want you to listen and read the words on our theme. Tell me, what words do you know? Read the words, p.64- animals
2) group work – each group (pair) gets the picture of an animal, draw a diagram as at p.40, describe their animal. Listen and read

Work in groups or pairs, write and speak, describe their animal.
VI. Grammar practice –verb chain (5 min) Present Perfect- Past Simple- Present Perfect Continuous (pupils put the given verb into the three forms one by one) cut, pollute, burn etc. Complete the verb chain.
V. Reflexing and estimation (5 min) H/t Ex. 4, p.50, estimation, marks. Listen and speak, write down the h/t

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