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Past simple of irregular verbs
29.03.2017 939 288 Ибрай Аяулым Ержанқызы

Тема: Past simple of irregular verbs
Цель: To revise the names of animals
To teach some more verbs
To teach the names of the days of the week.
Организационный момент: Teacher Hello my dear friends. How are you today? How are filling today? Who is on duty today? What date is it today? What days is it today?
Аудирование: P74 Ex1. Look at the pictures with the children and get them to tell you which animal they think each jigsaw part belongs to they then draw lines to match the pieces to the correct word. Beforehand, photocopy Cut-out and cut the jigsaw pieces. Hold up each piece and ask the children animal they think it is. Then put the pieces face down on a table or better attach them face down to the board. When you show one piece the children try to guess or remember where the matching piece is to make up complete animal. Make this into pair work memory game. Photocopy Cut-out 6 so that there is one set of jigsaw pieces for every two children. In pairs, they spread the pieces out, face down. They take it in turns to lift up one piece and then another, trying to find a matching pair. If they find a match, they take both pieces. If the pieces don’t match they replace them face down. The person with the most animals at the end is the winner.
Ex2. Listen and write, say the numbers. First, allow the children to write the numbers 16-20 above the words. If you don’t want them to write in their books, they can copy the words into their exercise books and write the numbers above them. Read the numbers aloud and get the children to repeat. Then play the recording. Pause after each number and ask the children to say the next number before they hear it. You could write the numbers 10-20 around the board in random order. Close your eyes and point to a number, which the children then have to say.
Ex3. Write the numbers. Play Bingo. Choose two cards. This game practises the numbers 1-20. Before they play it ask the children to count the number of small squares in each part of the four cards. Check that they can say and understand the numbers in English. The childern will need small pieces of paper to play the game. For a practice round, you could ask them to choose one card only. Read out numbers from the tapescript, but in a different order. If the children hear a number that they have on their card, they cover it with a piece of paper. The first person to cover their card completely is the winner. The children now close two cards to play the game. Play the recording.
Устная речь и игры: P75 Ex4. The children can suggest names for each animal. If you have made jigsaw pieces from Cut-out 6, you can invent more strange animals on the board.
Письмо графика: Activity Book. P76-77 Ex1. Read through the numbers with the children so that they can revise the words. They can point at each number with their fingers. Then they join the dots and write the names of the two strange animals.
Ex2. Read through the poem with the children and get them to suggest the missing words. They then complete the poem with the words in the box.

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